Architeuthidae [Dux]

A book fell on my head. While I was searching for a book on teleporation, or maybe it was hedgehogs, I saw feet going by on the other side of the shelf and heard a stiff thwacking as the librarian tried shoving a book in from the other side. The whole shelf rocked and a white-bound book slid out from the top.

Fascinating, yes? But it isn't that terribly impressive, seeing as the book didn't miraculously open up to the Giant Squid, Architeuthis Dux, and leave me inspired to squidy greatness. Actually, it opened to the page on Vietnamese pig-monkeys.

But there's nothing very literary about Vietnamese pig-monkeys.

Around this time, I was also reading the book Starfish, by someone I can't remember right now, and there is a discussion in the story along the lines of:

"Holy ----, what was that?"

"Archie Toothis."

"What?" [to the sight of pale tentacles drifting by the view screen]

"Kraken. Giant Squid. Architeuthis."

The name, run across in both books, seemed to stay with me. The sound of it was similar to my given name, and gave me a silly sort of satisfaction to rattle off with. I took up Latin about two years later, and looked up the full meaning of it first crack at the book. "Chief Squid Leader", eh? Why not?

It's still better than Viet_Pigmonkey.

The End

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