As per Jack/not-Jack's insistence, I'll explain my name.  I would've done this at the beginning, but I wanted to see what you all would make of this idea first.

I'm going to go backwards and explain the "La Pianista Irlandesa" part first.  A long time ago, in the faraway land of Ficlets, this author needed a pen name.  I wanted to share something about myself in the name, but I couldn't quite figure out what.  I first thought "The Irish Pianist," because I'm both proud of my Irish ancestry and in love with the piano, but ultimately I decided against it.  Anyone could've come up with The Irish Pianist.  I needed some way to jazz it up.  Then it dawned on me: say it in Spanish.  I love Spanish, I throw it into my regular conversation, so why not?

Now for the "g2" part.  A while back I realized that since my name was Gwen G[uienalei], the initials were G and G.  I also realized that because it was two of the same letter, it could be written as "gee-squared."  I tacked it onto the front of "La Pianista Irlandesa" (technically it'd be the other way around, because "g2" came first), and there you have my name.

Because of its length, I've had to use variations to keep the name.  Sometimes I'll sign things with just the initials; I used to mostly do "g2 (lpi)," but most of the time usernames won't allow parentheses.  So, more often than not, I'll use "g2_lpi," like I've done with twitter and yahoo.

The End

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