Jack + Rubashevskiy =

Once upon a time, a certain little not-Jack went to the exotic island of Honshu. On this island, he met many people, though most of them were girls. Of course, that was only natural as he was living with two girls who attended an all girls school. Because of this, not-Jack was the centre of much attention for the weeks he was on Honshu.

There was a problem, though, that not-Jack faced quite often while on Honshu, especially when with the people who lived there. You see, they couldn't pronounce not-Jack's name properly, and, looking like cows with barbed wire instead of grass in their mouths, the people mangled his name and let it fall, unrecognizable, from their lips.

So instead they named him Ichigo, their word for strawberry. The only reason that not-Jack could fathom for this was because ichigo was the only character he could write, as all others were much too intricate.

Now, you might be wondering what all this has to do with the transformation of not-Jack into Jack, right?


Except that not-Jack was given his new name by two classmates in the airport when leaving Honshu, based on a similarity to certain other Jacks in the media.


So, because of a jaunt to the island of Honshu, Jack now stands here, no longer not-Jack.


Oh, and the Rubashevskiy bit? I guess you want to hear that story, too. Well, gather round, and Jack will be happy to tell you.

This story starts in Kiev, probably on a farm. Anyways, one day a group of people became tired of their farm in Kiev, so they jumped on a boat and started a farm in Arran instead. Three generations later, not-Jack popped out, though he did so on Vancouver Island.

And that is where the Rubashevskiy came from.

So as you can see, not-Jack became Jack, and by adding his last name to his new name, he became JackRubashevskiy. He's not all too creatively gifted, y'know? Quite the basic pen name, but it works.

And that is all!


The End

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