Chapter 3

                                            Chapter 3

Colors swirled around a black room painting images in his head. He saw his mother smiling at the family picnic and his father playing catch with him. Then they faded away turning into a loud horn honking and then the sound of metal being crushed and then darkness.

Byran woke up suddenly. he wiped the beads of sweat from his face,his hand shaking a little. He looked at the alarm clock. it was 6:46 in the morning. becky would be opening the shop soon. Bryan climbed out of bed and had a hot shower. After he dressed himself and went downstairs into the kitchen. the stairs creaked as becky came down. " good morning bryan!" she said in a happier tone than normal. Bryan nodded his head and ate his cereal.

Becky sat beside him and smiled " today, you can have the day off" becky said in a motherly voice. She looked better than she had last night. Bryan smiled and gave her a hug and sat in the plumpy couch and watched the small television. Becky kissed bryan's head and went down to work. Bryan yawned and walked into the kitchen. there was a note taped onto the fridge. " here's some money for a treat -becky" and taped to it was a $20 bill" Bryan grabbed his book bag and walked out the back door.

His neigbourhood was a small one with a few home buisnesses like becky's. he rode his bike down the street, the wind blowing through his short hair. After a few blocks he came to his favourite place. A small city park with lots of trees and flowers to draw. He found a quiet place to lie down under the shade of a weeping willow. and pulled out his sketch pad. He began to draw the scene around him: the tall green trees, the flowers,the small chickadees and the people playing with their dogs. After a while his stomach started to growl. He found a nearby hot dog stand and bought a warm chili dog. He sat on a bench looking at the sunlight shining through the trees. He and his parents used to come here every sunday and have a picnic. There was usually his mother's special ham and turkey sandwiches and his favourite soda.

It was starting to get late. Bryan rode home and when he arrived there another note was taped to the counter  that read: "out with bobby be back soon". Bryan smiled and grabbed a lemon soda from the fridge and a slice of pizza and sat and watched a horror movie. an hour had passed when he heard the door open. Becky was yelling somthing and bobby was yelling back. " babe,you know i was only partying, that kiss with tammy was nothing special!" becky was shaking her head. "no bobby! you don't just go kissing other girls when your girlfriend is right there! i bet you've been seeing this tammy girl for a while now?" Bobby grabbed becky and slapped her " shut up! just shut it! yes iv'e been seeing her ok! but i was going to break up with her tonight, i swear!" becky stood there shaken "get out" she cried. " get out!" she yelled even louder. she threw a bottle of spices at him. Bobby spat on the floor at her feet and stormed out.

Becky cleaned up the mess crying and sniffling as she did so. Bryan walked up to her and hugged her. Becky hugged him too. Becky went upstairs to bed after she and bryan cleaned up and bryan was left alone. He continued to watch his movie for another hour. He went up to the washroom to get ready for bed. then, he heard the creaking of a door. Bryan went into the hall and peeked downstairs. There was somone in the house. Bryan quietly walked into his room and grabbed his metal baseball bat. He snuck downstairs careful not to alert the intruder. Bryan hid behind the counter when the stranger turned around. There was a dull thud and a curse as the stranger knocked somthing over. Bryan then jumped out from behind the counter raising the bat above his head. The stranger turned around and saw bryan. The stranger punched bryan in the stomach and bryan fell to the ground dropping the bat. The stranger lifted him up and turned on the light.

The stranger was bobby. His eyes were bloodshot and wild looking. His hair was messy and his breath smelled of alcohol. he slapped bryan across the face. "bryan! w-wheresssh beckkyy?" bobby spluttered. Bryan didn't answer. He was slapped again. " sssshpeak! boy t-talk to me! whhere iss shee?" Bryan kicked bobby in the ribs and jumped of the counter and grabbed a knife and ran upstairs with bobby close behind. " ssstupid kid!" he yelled grabbing at bryan. Bryan ran into becky's room and shut and locked the door.

Becky woke up "w-whats going on? Bryan?" she yawned. Bryan wrote "bobby's here. He's really drunk want's to kill you" on a sheet of paper and showed it to becky. becky went wide eyed. The door shudderd as bobby tried to break in. " i know your in there you ssshtupid woman!" bobby yelled. The door was about to break. Becky his in the closet and motioned for bryan to get in too. "bryan c'mon he's to stupid to look here". bryan shook his head. the door burst open just as becky gave one last sob for bryan to come in and shut the closet door.

Bobby rubbed his shoulder and looked at bryan. " your dead you little feak!" and launched himself at bryan. Bryan struck out with the knife cutting bobby's arm. bobby moaned and grabbed his bleeding arm " y-you idiot!" and punched bryan in the face. Bryan fell from the impact and lay on the floor stunned. Bobby went around the room throwing things looking for becky. he went to the closet and kicked it. There was a scream. Bobby tore open the closet and pulled becky up by the hair and started beating her head. Becky was screaming a crying begging him to stop. Bryan could take no more. He grabbed the knife and screamed a silent scream and launched at bobby. His knife sunk into bobby's back. booby howled in pain and turned to face bryan. He punched and kicked bryan. and then started to choke becky. Becky struggeld to fight him off. Becky's eyes started to roll back. Bryan grabbed the knife again and this time hit home. He stabbed bobby's neck three times and boby fell to the floor in a bloody heap.

Bryan dropped the knife and held becky's body. He sobbed and sobbed for what  felt like an eternity. now he'd lost three people. He sobbed and refused to let her go but he knew he had to leave now. He grabbed a large packsack and filled it with clothes and food. He also took his sketch pad and bobby's wallet. He then headed out into the cool night air.

The End

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