chapter two

Bryan opend his eyes slowly and looked at the alarm clock beside his bed. It was 7:30 in the morning. Bryan jumped up and hit his head on the low celing. He looked around his small room. The wallpaper was peeling and the old wood floor was covered with clothes and stacks of sketch books. Bryan quickly got out of bed and threw on a pair of blue jeans and a fresh polo.

" bryan!" he heard becky yell from downstairs. Becky was bryan's foster mother. She ran a small chocolate shop on the ground floor of the small house. Bryan sighed and walked out into the narrow hallway. There were paintings of a woman who looked  like she had too many facelifts. Bryan  walked down the creaky old stairs jumping the last two steps.

" bryan! the shops opening soon!" bryan nodded his head and  put on a small white apron. It had been ten years since his parents died. Bryan thought about them often and how much they loved his artwork. Becky didn't like his drawings, " they won't get you anywhere in life!" she would say to him whenever she caught him drawing. Bryan opend the door into the shop and looked around.

The shop had only a few tables with wilting roses placed on them. There was a small kitchen with ugly tile around it. Bryan took the broom and began to sweep like he always did. he would have worked at the till if it weren't for his impairment. the bells above the glass door rang as a rather gaunt old lady walked in.

" hello there young man, would you be as so kind as to get me a bag of asorted clusters?" Bryan walked over to the counter and grabbed a powder blue bag and scooped  some clusters into the bag. after about three mor scoops the lady raised her hand to signal him to stop. " thank you young man, how much will that be?" Bryan hated it when they asked him this. normally becky would do this job but today she  had a hangover and could not work.

the lady opend her purse and pulled out a wallet ." how much is it boy! speak up!". Bryan entered the amount into the till and wrote the amount on a piece of paper. "what's wrong boy? can't you speak?". The old woman took out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to bryan. The woman thanked him and walked out the store.

Bryan exhaled slowly. He sat on a small stool and took out a small sketch pad. He started to draw a boy with no mouth and people tried to get him to speak but he couldn't. The boy looked very sad. In the crowd were two angels. They stood side by side holding hands looking at the boy with a look of adoration. A tear droped onto the page followed by another.

" what's wrong bryan?" Bryan looked up suprised. It was Bobby, Becky's boyfriend. Bryan wiped the tears from his face and shook his head. Bobby was a tall man, in his mid twenties he had ice blue eyes like bryan's. His hair was dirty blonde just a shade darker than bryan's.  Bryan stood up and wrote on a pice of paper: "would you like some chocolate?". Bobby smiled and shook his head

 bobby looked at the paper" no thanks, im just looking for becky". Bryan nodded his head and pointed towards the door.  Bobby  walked to wards the stopping to run his hands through Bryan's hair. when bobby was gone bryan began to sweep again. He could hear becky arguing with bobby from upstairs. Bryan ignored them and  served more customers all asking the same questions

" whats wrong?" or sometimes they would laugh " what's a mute little retard doing working at a till. One boy walked in. Bryan recognized him as james the news paper delivery boy. James walked in and put the newspaper on the counter. " hello there!" he said holding out his hand.

Bryan did not shake it. James pulled his hand away " so...when did you start working here?". Bryan shrugged his shoulders and went to put chocolates in some boxes. he heard james cough, " retard" behind his back. Bryan whiped around. James laughed at this " whats wrong can't speak you stupid little orphan!" James continued to laugh. Bryan felt his face get hot. "aww, where's your mommy? is she dead? did the witch get what she deserved?"

At that bryan jumped over the counter and leaped on james causing them to fall on the ground. " get off me!" james yelled. Bryan punched at james's face. " ow! you little bugger!" he yelled punching back. Bryan punched  jame's hard in the face causing his nose bleed. " whatt is going on out here!" Bryan jumped off of james. " this wacko started beating on me for no reason!" Bryan shot james a dirty look. " bryan is this true?" becky asked him. Bryan rolled his eyes and nodded his head. it was better to just end the argument now and face the punishment than to argue more and recive a worse punishment.

Bryan was sent to his room without dinner. Bryan slammed his door shut and  crawled onto his bed. light shone in through the small window. Bryan cried into his pillow. in the hallway becky watched bryan cry. It made her feel horible seeing him cry but whenever she tried to help bryan jus pushed her away. " marisa i wish you were here now" she sighed as she walked off to her room. Bryan pulled the bed covers over himself and soon fell asleep.

The End

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