A Stroke of genius

The story title stroke of genius reffers to a paint brush stroke.

Bryan Ravencross is your typical artist prodigy except he is also mute. Living in new york city with no parents he communicates through his paintings hoping that someone will understand him.


                                  A stroke of genius      

                                   By Liam.S


                                          Chapter one          


He is sitting in a small cramped car. The lights of the city flash  by as the car drives along the busy street. He can hear his parents talking in the front seat. " Martin, im telling you were lost!" He hears his father sigh. " marisa, honey, were not lost. the baker's said that the party would be at the banquet hall on this street". Bryan  sighed and looked out the window. It had started to rain. They drove on for quite some time.

" Martin, Watch your speed, your going to get us killed!". said his mother as she was looking at the speedometer. His mother looked at her son " how are you doing sweet pea?" The rain started to pour down hitting the car roof sounding like a drum. Byronn took out a small sketch pad and began to draw. Whenever he drew he felt like the world wasn't there, like he was is his own world. He drew tall grass and a tall oak tree the lines swirling the grass looking as though it was really swaying. The way the glorious sunset looked in the mountains. Hearing his father's voice brought him back to reality.

 "  i cant see a bloody thing out there!" his father moaned Bryan had only heard his father's angry voice once when he drew a mural on the walls of his apartment room. Bryan looked out the window. his father was right it was raining so hard that you could not see a thing. His mother started whining. His father was yelling again. Bryan looked out the window again. sometimes when he came home from school his parents would be yelling at each other. His mother would be crying and screaming back at him. one day it became so bad that his mother had to leave the room.

 The car jerked suddenly. The car was swerving all over. His mother was screaming loudly. The car started to spin and his father started cursing. Bryan cried and yelled too. Then there was the sound of a semi horn. Bryan saw a glimpse of head lights out of the window. The car rolled over and over from the impact. after a few more rolls it rolled into a ditch. Bryan opened his eyes and looked around . one side of the car was completly torn off cold air blowing in though the gap. Bryan looked towards the front of the car.  Tears started to fill his eyes .

 There was blood splaterd on his mother's face. Glass shards stuck out of her face. His father was also really bloody. His father had a large gash in his right temple. Bryan tried to make a sound but no words came out  his mouth He heard sirens getting louder. Then there were flashing lights.  a man walked up to the car. and yelled something to the others. He pulled bryan out of the car.  he sobbed. The man put him onto a gurney and put it into the ambulence. " are you alright son?" the man asked in a gentle voice. The man checked bryan's vitals

  the man said " your going to be ok!" Bryan gave one last sob and then he blacked out. The paramedic saw  a sketch pad lying on the ground. The drawing was beautiful. He saw long tall grass and a magnificent oak tree in  sitting in the sunset. The man took it over to the other paramedic who was watching the boy. " i think..i think this is his". he said as he handed the other paramedic the book. The man's eyes grew wide. " this- this is amazing! how could a four year old kid draw such a masterpeice?". he looked at the boy as the ambulence sped off towards the hospital.

The End

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