A Stranger's Life

I kept on pinching myself. It just couldnt be real! For a moment, I wished I was back in my bed in Las Vegas but then this man's smoldering topaz eyes locked into mine and I forgot to breathe. Forks can't be so bad, I thought.

I was so tired Friday night after testing, I just got home and slept. I didn’t even change! I was just hoping my mom would make me pancakes in the morning, and that was all I was thinking about. But then I realized something was wrong when I woke up to a man’s voice that wasn’t my dad.

“Bella, love, wake up.”


I grew very still instead but then resigned myself to waking up. My brown eyes met topaz. Startled, I jumped up and away from the boy kneeling by the head of my bed. Then I realized that this wasn’t my bed, heck it wasn’t even my room!


My breathing picked up.


The guy’s brows furrowed in bewilderment and he opened his mouth to speak but I dashed out before he could utter a sound.


I ran out the door and into the first room I could find, the bathroom. I locked the door and sank to my knees hyperventilating. I felt someone pounding on the door.


“Bella? Bella! Open the door. Are you ok? Bella!”


With a stutter I answered, “J-just gi-ive me a m-minute.” The pounding slowed, then stopped. I heard another voice then, a bell soprano instead of the velvety tenor.


“Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, just leave her alone, she’ll be out in a minute.”


A minute was all I had then.


I got up and stared at myself in the mirror. I was older, clearly no longer thirteen. I was paler too, but prettier and with long red-brown hair. Only my brown eyes were the same. I composed myself as best as I could and then straightened the slept in appearance. I kept repeating ‘I can do this’ in my head like a mantra. I was still nervous.

The End

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