The plot thickens

She gasped at the sound of the voice, a dry croaking thing, and was momentarily stunned into silence. Before her a figure loomed through the mist. She felt a hand reach up to caress her cheek. She flinched back with a whimper.

"Hush," crooned the voice. "Hush now Rachel."

"Please," she begged, pulling against the grip. "Please don't hurt me."  Her tears began to freeze on her face.

"It's all right," the voice said again. "As long as you don't scream again Rachel. As long as you dont scream." As the words sank in, just for a second she forgot to be fightened.

"Wait... Rachel? That's not my name." She stood upright, feeling bolder now, and stepped back. A small wind stirred the tips of her hair, and the mist shifted a little, the owner of the voice no longer quite as obscured. In that moment she could have sworn the figure blinked before narrowing it's eyes at her.

"If you are not Rachel, not the one that I seek, than who are you?" the voice asked, turning sillibant now as though in anger. The boldness she had felt melted away again at te sound of that voice.

"My... My name?" she stuttered, blinking rapidly.

"Yes Child," the figure spoke again, taking a step towards her. "What is your name?"

The End

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