Nowhere To Run

She was so upset by the double treachery of her sister and boyfriend, that she just wasn't watching where she  was going. If she had been paying any attention at all, she would have realized that she could no longer hear the noises of the busy street. She was so cold, and getting colder. She pushed her head down into her scarf, and smelled the wool, damp from her steamy breath.

She stood and shivered, peeking out  from the little space in the scarf that didn't cover her eyes.  She looked around and realized that she didn't recognize a single thing about her surroundings.  She turned around to see where she had come from, and didn't recognize that either.  There was something very strange going  on here. There was no pavement where she was standing, no lighted store fronts, no traffic.

All that she could see was a little sliver of silver moonlight that escaped the heavy cloud cover that obscured the half moon. Only the odd star was visible now. With thick clouds and the cold, she wondered absently if it was going to snow. From the little that she could see, she appeared to have walked beyond the boundaries of the town. The earth was spongy beneath her feet, and she could smell the sea. The sea was miles away from the town! How did she get here so fast?

She was completly bewildered. She had no Idea where she was or how she got there. She began to walk back the way that she thought she had come, but achieved nothing. She saw only shades and shadows of dark, and she was all alone in it.

She found herself walking towards the smell of the sea. Her reasoning was that eventually she would reach it, and she could follow the shoreline until she found civilization. As she walked, she squinted to try seeing where she was going, although there had been no obstacles so far.  Suddenly she felt her arm being grabbed from behind. She screamed and pulled away, running as fast and far away as she could. She ran right into the grasp of another person. She pulled away and ran again.

The End

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