A Stranger In The Dark (continued again)

She decided to ignore her paranoia and strolled on around the road circling the forestry and leading back to the estate. The bad feeling of apprehension niggled at the hairs on the back of her neck as she listened hard into the night. She heard sounds coming from the forestry of leaves and trees moving and it set her on edge as her pace sped up slightly.

Her gaze shifted from side to side, back and forth, but she found no shady stranger lurking behind her. However, paranoia made her heart beat steadily and sent shivers down her spine that had little to do with the chilly air around her, moreover, the sounds of the children in the estate up ahead and the foxes lurking through the trees masked the possible sounds of an intruder.

She re-entered the estate and found comfort in the warm yellow glow of the houses. The children's once fast number had decreased as she reached her front door in quiet relief.

Abbie collapsed onto her sofa in the lounge and felt the tension slide away as she took in the sweet smell of the rooms air freshener. She noted another smell in the room that reminded her of burned toast, but she ignored it. She was safe in her own house now, so nothing else mattered.

The burnt smell grew stronger in the room as Abbie noticed the open window and rose to shut it. As she glanced out, however, a silhouette hurried away from the house next door just as an earth-shuddering explosion shook the floor beneath her feet and made her gasp loudly.

The house exploded into flames as the silhouette slipped away from the chaos. She watched in horror as the neighbors all ran out to the drive as windows shattered in the intense heat, the hot smoke blowing towards her and blinding her as the boiling air hit her face at full force and made her stumble backwards.

The End

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