A Stranger In The Dark (continued)

The words "a quiet boring walk" were inappropriate as clubs and pubs blared music and costume-clad partiers emerged from the multi-coloured illumination of the local pub. It was more of a loud, boring walk, she contemplated. walking slowly through the night with her hands in her pockets. But as the darkness consumed her thouyghts and she wandered away from the streets and lights, she realised that noise didn't hide much.

She realised that someone was watching her.

She swung around to find many people behind her, but none of them seemed preoccupied with the young woman. She blinked to herself and shook her head. Strange thoughts can run through people's minds in the night, and Abbie was sometimes susceptible to paranoid beliefs. She glanced back into the shop window where a black figure's reflection had been glimpsed on the surfacen of the shiny glass, but the silhouette had now disappeared.

Abbie turned again uncertainly and continued down the road alongside the forestry. The lights were dimmer here, a mere few street lights scattered up the road, and Abbie felt wary. She sensed a presence taking the same road as her, but whether it was a safe presence  or not was uncertain. Abbie was now  afraid.

The End

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