Final Chapter A stranger in my headMature

It didn't take Sebastian long to change his mind about the store. It was indeed all he had left of his family, but he also had a family of his own now. He knew his parent's would understand.

We had found a nice four bedroom house in Dallas for an affordable price. We had sold the house and the store to a nice couple who was expecting a child of their own. It just so happened they had one the lottery a month ago and were ready to settle down and start their life together.

As we pulled onto the main highway I watched Cottonwood disappear in the side mirror. I glanced back at Annabel and then to Sebastian and smiled the biggest smile I could muster.

"I love you Sebastian," I breathed.

I couldn't ask for more, I had the perfect husband, the perfect daughter and the perfect life. I couldn't wait to for the journey ahead.

It was a five hour drive and I was feeling exhausted from all the packing. My eyelids got heavy and I slipped into darkness.


I woke up to a shocking discovery, I was cuffed to a hospital bed. I began yelling for anyone who could hear me. Where was Sebastian and Annabel? Was this some kind of nightmare, it definitely was not a funny joke.

I called out for Sebastian but He didn't respond, and I began to cry. Who would do such a cruel thing to me, surely not Sebastian. What had happened was I sick?

After what seemed like hours a nurse finally appeared. " Good morning Jenny, I see your awake," she said. Why was she calling me Jenny I didn't understand.

"My name's not Jenny it's Destiny and I want my husband, " I screamed. The nurse took a deep breath and exhaled, " We been through this a thousand times Jenny, you killed your husband." I felt out of place and refused to believe her lies. It couldn't be true Sebastian was real and Annabel too.

I was outraged  and I tired to free myself from the restraints. "Where am I, " I demanded.The nurse let out another annoying breath and answered, " Honey your the same place you been the last ten years Cottonwood mental institute."

I stared crying hysterically and fought with the restraint's again. I wanted out of here I wanted Sebastian and Annabel. I became irate and started yelling, "Where is my fucking husband, let me out of here now."

I heard the nurse call for another nurse, who appeared moments later with a syringe in her hand. The first nursed spoke, " She's having another episode, who keeps bringing her those stupid books?" The other nurse shrugged and headed toward me as the first nurse held me down.

"Poor girl," one of the nursed sighed, "Having to re-live the same dream over and over."

As the needle slid into my arm I glanced over at the paperback book laying on the table next to me. I read the title before my eye lids locked tight, it was called " A stranger in my head"

The End

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