Chapter 26 Annabel LeeMature

I had been three months since we were back home and the town was buzzing about the baby news. The one bad thing about a small town, everyone knew everything. Sebastian had been lucky to find an older gentleman in his 40's who had moved the Cottonwood a month back. He seemed like the perfect candidate to run the store once the baby was born.

I was about four months along if the doctors calculations were accurate. I became moody and felt unattractive, but Sebastian assured me I was as beautiful as ever.


The pregnancy had gone by in the blink of an eye and it was almost time. It had been nearly a year since I stumbled into Sebastian's parking lot and look at me now. I smiled as I closed my eyes, but they flew right back open. I felt a wetness surround me and I jumped up in a panic. "What is it honey, what's wrong, " Sebastian blurted out. I breathed heavy, " My water, I think my water broker."

Sebastian grabbed the suitcase we had already prepared for this day and led me to the car. He sped all the way to the hospital which was three towns over in Creekwood. As we arrived in the emergency drive two nurses came out and assisted me.  Sebastian parked the car a was back at my side in know time.

After 6 hours of painful labor she was here, our beautiful baby girl Annabel Lee.

I immediately fell in love with her she was perfect, she had Sebastian's memorizing green eyes. She gazed up into my eyes and my heart melted. Sebastian held my hand as we both gaped at her.

I wasn't sure what my mother was like, but I made a promise to myself that I would protect her. I would never let anything bad happen to her. I wanted her to have everything a little girl should have. Beautiful dresses, baby dolls, pretty bows for her hair and plenty of attention. I wanted her to attend the best schools and go to a top college. I wanted her to venture out of this little town and become something wonderful. I want to give her the world.

The End

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