Chapter 25 Our honeymoonMature

It was finally here, wohooo I could hardly contain myself as we pulled up to the airport in Austin Texas. The cab driver retrieved out suitcases and placed them neatly on the curb. After Sebastian paid the man we entered the airport. It was huge, bigger then any one place I had seen in months. Sebastian gawked in awe and he mumbled, "This looks bigger then the whole town of Cottonwood."

We proceeded to the bag check and then to the ticket counter. After we took care of the important stuff we had a look around, we purposely came 4 hours early. We ate at a nice little sports bar which seemed to be popular and very crowded. Afterwards we walked about viewing the gift shops along the way. Time flew right by and  before we knew it our flight began boarding. It was going to be a very long flight and I was to excited to sleep.

Once we touched down and retrieved our bags there was a cab waiting to take us to out hotel. I breathed in the crisp air and I had never felt so alive in that moment. I looked over at Sebastian and I could tell he was sensing the same thing about himself. Sebastian had made all the reservations in secret, he wanted me to be surprised.

It wasn't long before we pulled up to our destination. It looked like a palace and the palm trees swayed in the wind as we made our way inside. Our room was on the 15th floor so we rode the elevator up. We we open the door to our suite it took my breath away. It was like a mini house. Everything dipped in gold and the furniture was hidden in leather. The long lace curtains swayed in front of the open window that lead to the balcony.

The bell hop set our bags down and left us to ourselves. Sebastian led my out on the balcony where there was a candle light dinner waiting. "How did you pull all this off, "I gasped with emotion. He looked into my eyes and said, " Nothing is to good for my wife, besides this country boy knows his way around a computer." We both giggled and enjoyed the gourmet meal in front of us.

The view was to alluring for words, and the warm breeze tickled the back of my neck. We stared at the elegant beach below us and couldn't wait for the morning light to venture down upon it.

The days seemed to rush by and we did so many things. It was Sebastian's first time on a boat, and maybe mine. We went scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing and even tried to surf. Though the suite was stunning we spent most of our time on the beach. I think I was actually starting to get a tan.

Almost tow weeks had passed and we had planned on spending the last three days shopping for souvenirs. That next morning I woke up feeling a little queasy as I dashed for the bathroom. Sebastian ordered room service thinking I needed some food in my body. I couldn't hold that down either. Great I was getting sick and I was going to ruin the rest of our honeymoon. I insisted Sebastian go on without me, but he wouldn't leave my side.

On the last day before our flight left he had made some calls to the local doctors, and found one who could fit us in. The doctor did a full checkup, withdrew some blood and left the room. He ruled out the flu and I had no fever.

It seemed like hours before the doctor returned. 'Well destiny, " he said with a delicate voice. " Looks like your going to be a mommy."

Sebastian looked at me waiting for my reaction after the doctor left the room. "Mom? " I repeated. Sebastian plucked me from the exam table and hugged me. "I'm gonna be a daddy, " he shrieked with excitement.

I smiled a softly spoke, " I'm going to be a mother."

The End

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