Chapter 24 Somewhere to belongMature

It had been two weeks since Sebastian presented me with the ring. I hadn't had any dreams since the last one. There was no sign of Ron or Don and everything seemed perfect.

Despite our delay in taking a road trip, we didn't let it stop us from at least enjoying a honeymoon. Sebastian called back the blonde boy who was happy to accept a position at the store. His name I found out was Brady, him and his family had just moved to Cottonwood a few months back.

We were to get married at the court house and then we would head off to the virgin Islands. Apparently Sebastian had a few secrets himself that he revealed to me. First and most astonishing was that his parent's had come into some money and they left it to him. It was what helped him keep the store a float and helped him live comfortably.

Secondly, he had an old customer who was a regular back before he moved to San Antonio. He had left Sebastian his number in case he ever got out of this small town. Lucky for us he also dabbled in a little illegal activity which consisted of fake id's and papers. Now that I was ready to leave my past behind, Sebastian was willing to turn a blind eye to the crime in obtaining a new identity.  It had arrived in the mail earlier that week.

I couldn't help admiring my new ID, it felt good to belong for once. I read the name aloud," Mrs. Destiny Ann Clark." The middle name was after his mother, it was sort of my gift to him.

We would be leaving in less then a week and each day I became more excited. Sebastian was busy at the store training Brady to ensure he knew everything he needed to know. Just in case of an emergency Sebastian had a neighbor that agreed to look after Brady while were gone. He knew Sebastian's dad well and had filled in for Sebastian a few times in the past. So he knew what he needed to know.

I had asked Sebastian once if thought about selling the store, but he said it was all he had left of his family. He did however say he would take into consideration letting someone else run it for a while. It would probably take two people to keep the store intact as he did.

I had decided the night I said yes to Sebastian I never look back to yesterday, and I hadn't.  The virgin Islands wow, beaches lined with beautiful blue waters. Just me and mu husband, wow I like the way that rolled off my tongue.

The End

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