Chapter 23 Candles and diamondsMature

An Idea came to mind, a candle light dinner just what I needed to distract me from all the nonsense. I glanced at the clock, I had an hour before Sebastian would retire for the night. I embellished the table with a lace cloth and candles before I got a jump on dinner. I rummaged the cabinets for something quick, and found nothing. I took a chance in the freezer, oh good there was a frozen lasagna I popped in the oven.

Before Sebastian met me he lived on things from the store, so it was up to me to get things when I was in town. I didn't mind at all, as a matter of fact I quite enjoyed this little Susie home maker thing we had going on. I dreaded the thought of Sebastian finding out about my dream. Or worse if my dream were to be true and he would see what a horrible person I really was. OK change your thoughts I tell myself and drift into some more delightful thoughts.

I coasted my mind back to the day in the rain, how peaceful and happy I felt that day. This is one of the memories I will latch onto forever, maybe even past that. I was hoping the candles would set a similar mood and we would share another amazing night. I mean it's happened since then, but in a more lustful fulfilling our needs way.

I was deep into meditation when the timer on the oven dinged and Sebastian came through the door seconds later. Perfect timing, maybe this day was going to turn out to be a good one after all. I smiled at him as I removed the pasta from the oven and placed it on the table.

"What's the special occasion, " he teased. I shot he a seductive stare and teased back, "Just because, can't I cook for my man for no reason?" Sebastian put him arms around me and buried his lips into my neck. Oh how I would miss this feeling, I hugged tighter without realizing it. His head surfaced with confusion, "Everything OK babe?" I inhaled his sweet scent and simply replied, "It is now." I looked at the table then back to him. "Well we better eat before it gets cold, " i suggested.

After dinner I had another Idea, what could be better then a hot romantic bubble bath. I attained the bubble bath from my room and began filling the tub. It was one of the older ones that stood on legs, which had later had a shower head installed to it. I transferred the candles to the bathroom. I snagged Sebastian from where he was sitting on the couch and guided him to the bathroom.

I slowly undressed his admiring every inch of his body all over again. Then he did the same to me and we climbed in the tub. It didn't take long after Sebastian kisses invaded my lips that the day melted away and all I saw was him. His eyes were even more beautiful in the candle light, it was such a sensual feeling being there with him. There is just something about water that seems to heighten the hormones. After about an hour of relaxing in the hot bubbles Sebastian carried me to the room.

"Wait right here," he insisted. He returned swiftly with the candles from the bathroom and a little box. He set the candles on the dresser and handed me the box. My mouth dropped and before I could even open the box he clutched my hands. Then he uttered, " Destiny, I know it's only been a short time, but I have never had such feelings for anyone." He waited a few moments and continued, " You make me happy and I don't care about your past or what your real name is."Stay here with me forever, lets travel and spend our live together."

I started to cry and I wasn't sure if because the sound of leaving my past behind was music to my ears, or because I still felt guilty. There was still a chance if my dreams were true that Don would try to find me.  He had millions now, so maybe he would skip town and forget he ever knew me. I had concluded that everything that happened was because he wanted it to. From the working at Sebastian's store to see if I remembered anything, up to getting arrested. That raised another question, if he knew my memory was wiped then he knew who left me for dead. I was so confused right now and I didn't want it to ruin the perfect night.

I opened the box and was blinded by a stunning diamond ring, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. "It was my mother's," he whispered as he slid it on my finger. I was speechless, all I could do was hold him so tight as if to never let go. He didn't seem to notice my intense distracting thoughts and held me in his arms.

"Yes, " I shouted. "Yes I will stay with you forever."

The End

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