Chapter 22 The guiltMature

When Sebastian finally stirred from the room I had still to find something on the news about yesterday's event at the store. He smiled as he passed me on the way to the shower, the guilt was eating me alive. I was going to wait until he left to retrieve the ring, so I could study it a bit more. I wanted to hit the library, the only other place I could access the internet without Sebastian's knowledge.

Once Sebastian was safely at work, I got dressed and headed to the library. When I rolled inside it was pretty dead for a Saturday, so I directed myself to the computer section. Luckily there was nobody there to snoop behind me, I swiped Sebastian's card and waited for google to appear.

I wasn't even sure what I was going to look up first. The name Felix, but without a last name what good would it be? Ron never really mentioned anything with detail and there were chunks of the dream I blocked out. This definitely explained my attraction to him, if indeed he was my lover prior to my memory being wiped clean.

I just starred at the blank screen for a while until a voice from behind startled me. It was the blonde boy from the sandwich shop. "Hey did ya hear about my neighbor?" he asked in a quiet voice. I turned around and met his eyes, I didn't respond just to see if he would offer up information I didn't know. After my silence he spoke again, " The police were at his house searching for something, but the didn't say what. Then after they arrested his from your store, they came back and did another search."

Now I was intrigued so I decided to join in his conversation. "So do you know where they took him?" I  requested. " It had to have been back to Dyewood where they said he was from, " the boy whispered. Then he sat for a moment and mumbled, " Course they could of taken him to Bitterwood where he was accused of committing his crime." HMMMM Bitterwood this is the first thing I would google an soon as this pest of a boy got lost.

I tapped away at the keys when he was out of sight, and pulled up the local news for Bitterwood. There he was right on the front page, but he was identified as Don Reyes which means maybe Ron had died in the fire. Was it Ron or Don in my dream, and what part did I play in all of this. I continued to read the information provided online.

Detectives have determined that the fire was an accident, due to faulty wiring and the money will be released to Don Reyes upon his release from prison.He was falsely accused of a crime in the town of Bitterwood and will be escorted back to his home town of Dyewood.

Officials say the investigationis closed and would like to put this behind them. Although sources say his twinescaped the fire, there is no evidence to support this. The resident's of Bitterwoodwould like to remember Abraham Reyes as an honorable man who was involved in thecommunity. His generosity will be greatly appreciated and he will never be forgotten.

I pulled up a few more articles on Abraham Reyes, and it appears he was a very giving man. After his wife Ida passed away two years ago he became more involved with the community. Donated to charities in surrounding towns and checked in frequently to make sure the money was being used accordingly. Then I found the article that started to piece everything together.  The one that mentioned his troubled sons being left out of his will. Apparently there had been a fallout between the three and he wrote them out of his will. It did not specify what exactly the disagreement was.

The growling of my stomach startled me, and I realized it was already after 1:00 pm. I had been here for hours, sucked in by the pages of information that may unlock my memories. I grabbed some lunch and slated for home.

The closer the time got for Sebastian to get home, the more the guilt welted inside me. I was exhausted by I was afraid to go to sleep. Afraid I would return to the foggy clearing, afraid I wouldn't like the truth.

Tomorrow was Sunday and Sebastian would close down the store early, so I couldn't do any investigating until Monday. So best thing I could do was try to keep my mind busy. I grabbed one of the library books from the table, a romance would definitely help me steer my mind in a different mood.

The End

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