Chapter 21 A memory awakesMature

When Sebastian returned home I was waiting at the door with question's and he told me everything. I wondered what motive they had to kill their father and run away with all his money. Perhaps some google searching would be required to fill in the blanks, but I would have to wait until tomorrow at the store when Ron had left for the day. Sebastian had planned on letting Ron leave early tomorrow, being Saturday and all he would suggest to begin his weekend early. Business was to slow on Sunday's to have two people so Ron would return back on Monday, and by then hopefully we would have more information.

When Sebastian left for work that morning I knew it was going to be hard to concentrate on anything else, so I decided to clean. It seems I have learned that I clean when I'm anxious or nervous. The day dragged on as if to be in slow motion, and I never thought 5:00pm would arrive.

I locked up the house and set out for the store, but when I got there I saw police lights. Scared out of my mind I barged in the door just as they were hauling Ron or Don off to the squad car. I ran to Sebastian's side  to make sure he was OK, then headed to the back room to avoid being questioned. I waited there for him until the officers left, and finally he made his way to me.

"Oh my God what happened, " I cried. He explained to me that a customer earlier that day had identified him as an accomplice in robbery a few towns over. They only came to question him, but when he saw the squad cars he attempted to flee on foot. Sebastian had told them he had only been working there a few days and he knew nothing about him but the name he had given. According to officials that name and social belonged to a man who died 5 years ago. The questioned still haunted them whether or not that was Ron or Don , as they misrepresented themselves.

I was sure it would be in the paper tomorrow since it happened in Cottonwood, and we were beyond being concerned with not reading the newspaper.

It had been a long day and we were both exhausted, so we skipped dinner. I snuggled up to Sebastian and drifted of to sleep in no time, and I had another horrible dream.

I saw Ron he was there with me in that same damn foggy clearing, this place must be of some

significance. This time we weren't running, well not yet anyway. Then he spoke, " The ring, did you find it?"

"The ring, " I repeated. How did he know about that, I had even forgotten about it since I placed

it in the night stand. "Yes," he said. "The one I gave you the day we got separated, the day we

planned the fire." I felt like I couldn't breath and I began to feel light headed. He looked at he and raised my

chin into his palm, "Athena? " he asked. I was so startled by hearing that name again that I must have passed out. When I came to we were running, and I heard shouting from the men in my previous dreams. This all felt to strange, I mean it couldn't be. Why would my sub conscious brought Sebastian to this dream weeks earlier?

"Hurry up," Ron called. " We have to reach Don and Felix before they do." I stopped to catch my breath, "Felix,"I huffed. He dragged me behind him as he called back, "Yes your brother Felix, geez what's with you Athena?"

That name, Athena and I have a brother, what the hell is going on? I was being dragged and at the same time   felt as if I was floating in someone else body. None of it made sense, and finally we reached them and it all   became a blur again. There standing next to the black navigator beside Don, was the man from the paper.

The flash back I had felt so intimate, because he was my brother. My name was his last words as the heavens

took his life that night my identity was taken. No this can't be true, it can't....I....I love Sebastian. I wanted to wake up from this dream and never sleep again. Then I sensed the sunrise bleeding through my eyes and I jumped out of slumber and fell on the floor.

Sebastian who was still in a deep sleep surged forward from the sound of my fall. "Are you OK?" he cried out. Of course I wasn't alright, I may or may not have had a memory from my life. A life I didn't want to be mine at all. I have been nothing but honest, but this I could never tell him. Not until I gathered more information, I couldn't break his heart like that.

I crawled back up into the bed, "yes honey, I'm fine must have had a bad dream don't remember," I lied. He returned next to me in bed and dosed right back into his slumber, and I just stared into the darkness. I'm a fucking monster, but the dream didn't' seem real. I refuse to believe this was my life before I woke up on the cold pavement just outside Cottonwood a nearly month ago. I was afraid to go to sleep and the sun's bright rays didn't help any.

I went into the living room and turned on the telivision hoping to catch some new about Ron, I had to find him. He was the key to my whole existence.

The End

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