Chapter 20 Evil twinsMature

When Ron walked through the front door this morning he looked surprised to see me. " Good morning, " he announced shyly.

He got right to work on his duties as I maned the counter. He changed out all the trash cans, then transferred then old ones to the big dumpster in the corner. He wiped down all the pumps and sprinkled saw dust on the spots of gasoline that painted the ground from careless customers in a hurry.

It wasn't long before he finished his list and was heading inside with me. Oh shit here come the thoughts again as I watch him breeze in the front door. His muscles were not as pronounced as Sebastian's but he was still a looker. Then it hit me, I could use this to my advantage and see if I could find out anything about him. After all I'm a girl and it's easy for girls to flirt to get what they want, so what did I have to loose. As long as I was careful and didn't seem to eager I didn't see the harm. Though I'm sure Sebastian would have disagreed had he known I was playing detective myself.

I casually engaged conversation with Ron about his favorite bands and movies just to break the ice. Then I would move on to the topic of family, trying not to sound to nosy while doing so.

I took a deep breath and went for it, " So Ron any family around here," I asked. He looked into space for a few minutes, as if to be frozen by my words. Finally he cleared his throat, " Well I did he," he replied. "But there was a tragic accident a while back and it's just me now."

OK so this didn't help until I know if Sebastian found Don in Dyewood or not, I decided not to test the waters and changed the subject.


Mean while in Dyewood Sebastian kept a low profile, acting as someone passing through. Thankfully he had not seen anyone he knew yet, and was preying he didn't. He ate lunch at a dinner on the corner on the main street that ran through town. What a better place to inhale the gossip then the neighborhood dinner.

Sebastian sat at the table in center of the room, deciding he would hear everything from there. Before long after he ordered his food arrived, and he had yet to hear talk of the fire. He finished up his food, and as he was about to get up and leave he over heard two men in the corner. In attempt to not look suspicious he ordered dessert and tried to listen carefully.

Of the two men one was chubby, in his 40's, greasy brown hair and small beady eyes. The other man around the same age, a little thinner, big blue eyes, and a skull tattoo peeking from under his sleeve on his right arm.  The heavier one spoke,"Hey man, you believe what there saying about they Reyes family?" The other man replied, " Well nobody has seen Don in town since the whole fiasco, and rumor has it both brother demised a plan to collect their father's millions." They were silent for a moment, then the thinner man spoke again, " What I don't understand is who were the two body's they found if Ron got away." They both dropped the conversation as their food arrived at the table.

Sebastian finished his pie and hurried to his truck, he figured there would be no more helpful information with out being found out. So he headed back towards Cottonwood, and then Destiny came to mind and he hoped everything at the store was going OK.


Back in Cottonwood Destiny and Ron sat in silence as the day dragged on.

That is until Ron broke the silence, " So you and Sebastian are like together," he asked. I'm surprised he had to ask, I mean surely Sebastian had to of mentioned it to him by now. The truth was I wasn't sure what Sebastian thought, were we a couple? Or just two lonely people keeping each other company until I regained my memory?  So out of chance I replied, " Yes , we like each other." That way I wasn't dodging the question, then again I didn't really answer it either.

There was an awkward silence and finally Sebastian drove up in his noisy pick up truck. He came into the store with his normal demeanor, so I thought he didn't find out much. Then again he had a way of remaining calm when need be. When he reached the counter he leaned in and kisses my cheek. Then said, " hey honey hey Ron how's business today?" Glad he did that, it only confirmed the answer I had given Ron an hour ago.

"well babe thanks for watching the store, why don't you head home and I'll see you in a few hours," he smiled. I looked at him with a questioned look and his smiled was still there. He handed me the keys, "here go ahead and take the truck home, I'll walk you out."

Once we were out side he gave me a quick summary of what happened in Dyewood and promised to talk more when he got home. So to avoid looking obvious I waved at Ron and got into the truck and steered home.

The End

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