Chapter 19 The libraryMature

Plastered across the front page the headlines read "Man to inherits millions" and below it was a man who looked a lot like Ron. Since the town was so small they also carried newspapers from the surrounding towns within a 100 mile radius. This happen to be a town called Dyewood just within the 100 mile zone.

I skimmed through the article and this is what it read.

House fire kills two leaving behind one survivor 30 yr old Don Reyes, however his twin brother

Ron and father Abraham were not so lucky. It has been said the bodies were burned beyond

identification. There is still an on going investigation as to how the fire started.

Neighbors have commented of the family's inability to get along as a motive. Until they close the investigation the money will be froze in Don's bank account. Funeral arrangements have been made for the deceased at the local funeral home.

The funeral had already passed, as this was old news to me. I felt a rush of terror run down my spine thinking of Sebastian alone with that man. Unsure of which brother it even was. Had Ron survived and made an escape for unknown reason's or was this Don impersonating his twin in a plot to a bigger plan? Either way I had to get to Sebastian, I had to tell him of my discovery at the library.

I checked out my books and headed to the house to drop of my things. I settled myself down on my walk to the store, making sure upon arrival I could keep my composure. When I arrived they were both at the counter talking busily about the daily duties to be complete. Sebastian nodded in compliance with my arrival and my nerves were starting to surface again. I wanted to badly to stay away, but at the same time I couldn't leave Sebastian in harms way.

After explaining a few things to Ron Sebastian made his way over to, surprised to see me after our conversation this morning. "Everything OK," he asked sounding a little alarmed. I lead him outside and explained what I had just unveiled, and he just sat in silence for a moment. "Are you sure?" he questioned acting befuddled. I was a hundred percent sure. Sebastian informed me that Ron had proper ID and his last name was Garcia, not Reyes. He promised me we would talk more about it when he got home, and prposed I stay a little while so it didn't look suspicious. I agreed and followed him back into the store, hoping this horrific discovery would block my thoughts for Ron.

Once inside it was a lot easier to maintain a conversation with the two of them then I thought. Around 7:00pm I made the excuse of being tired and headed home. Sebastian excused himself to walk me out through the back. Once were were alone he spoke quietly, " babe I promise I'll be home soon and don't worry it's going to be fine." After a kiss good-bye I head toward the house, after all he wasn't going to change his mind.

Once I got home I watched the clock like a hawk as I prepared a nice Chicken pasta dish for dinner. The hands on the clock seemed to taunt me as 9:15 pm landed and I heard Sebastian's footsteps.

"MMM something smells good," he announced as he walked through the door. I greeted him with kisses, as I had not seen him in years. He giggled as he pried me loose, "OK honey, take it easy I told you everything is fine."

At dinner we discussed Ron and what we were going to do. Obviously he knew enough about Sebastian to know he doesn't travel outside of town much and took a chance he wouldn't he recognized. First we had to determine which brother it was without him being suspicious. There might be a good reason for someone to fake their own death if the stakes are high enough. After we were sure of his true identity we we try to find out his story without setting off alarms. If he truly was Ron and had good reason to be in hiding we didn't want to blow his cover and on the other hand if he was involved the last thing we needed was to be in the middle of a crime again.

We watched a movie to try and clear our mind before calling it a night.

So it was agreed upon that I would stay at the store with Ron tomorrow while Sebastian headed to Dyewood to play detective.

The End

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