Chapter 18 RonMature


That night after fighting of the temptation of inappropriate thoughts of Ron, He appeared in the first dream I had in weeks.

We were there is the store, and it seemed hotter then usual like the AC wasn't working. He was sporting

a black tank top and sweat was dripping from his face as he put up some inventory. I was attending the register, and

when I looked around Sebastian was nowhere in sight. No this can't be happening, I would never betray Sebastian

after all he had done for me. Ron lead his way toward the register where I was sitting, and the closer he got the

more rapidly my heart was beating. He had a smile that could stop a freight train and I could feel the butterflies in

my stomach as he approached. I felt nervous as I fumbled for the magazine laying next to me, and pretended to be

indulged by the article inside. Why are we alone and where the hell is Sebastian I was thinking, and Ron grabbed

the magazine from my grasp before I could see what I was pretending to read. Then Ron spoke, "wow never realized

shampoo was that interesting." I sat there stunned for a moment before I heard his smooth silky voice again, "you can't

fight what you feel towards me forever." My mind was spinning I began yelling NO! NO! this isn't right , and next thing I knew Sebastian was leaning over me.

"Bad dream," he asked. I tried to come up with something as quick as I could without seeming flustered. "uh, yeah we were um back in the store and the cowboy was there, that's all I really remember." I spoke as calm as possible hoping he didn't notice, but he just held me close and told me to try and go back to sleep.

I couldn't go back to sleep, I also couldn't let myself keep having these thoughts and dreams. I must have eventually dosed off, Sebastian's embrace had a way of doing that to me. I heard the shower running and I opened my eyes. It was still early, I guess Sebastian wanted to get an early start before Ron showed up this morning.

The shower shut off and he entered the bedroom in his towel, which made it oh so easy to forget Ron. "Hey babe, why are you up so early?" he sounded worried. I just sighed and said "I wanted to catch you before you left, and I was thinking maybe I will skip lunch with you the next few day. I think I should give you time to train the new employee without me there as a distraction." I was also thinking of heading to town to the library to check out a few books." He looked a little disappointed then answered, "OK if that's what you want, but its no bother." I sighed with relief as he headed to the kitchen for his morning coffee.

After Sebastian left I made up the bed and did some light cleaning. I showered, dressed, and headed for town. This would be a great opportunity to busy my mind from Ron. Before I could even start my train of thought a car slowed in front of me, you got to be kidding me it was Ron. He rolled the window down and called out, "Need a ride beautiful." I wanted to run but instead I politely declined and he continued down the road.

How in the hell am I to get him out of my head if he is everywhere I go? My dreams, thoughts, and even my path to town. I finally found myself caught up in a row of clothing at the thrift shop, as I was looking for some new things for our trip. I wasn't sure how long it would take until Ron was comfortable enough to be left alone, but I wanted to be prepared. So after I found a few pairs of jeans and some dresses I headed to the sandwich shop for lunch. From there I was going to the Library, which was my main reason for the visit to town.

I ran into the blonde headed kid that had interviewed with Sebastian, he was in line at the sandwich shop. "Guess I didn't get the job, " he whispered. " My new neighbor Ron got it, truth be told he's a better fit for the job." New neighbor huh, this means he is new to town and my assumption of him was correct.  I smiled back and continued to order my sandwich.

On my walk to the library I couldn't help but teeter my thoughts back to my dream, which I was so wrapped up in I had a near miss with a pot hole. I looked around to make sure nobody saw my almost fall and climbed the steps to the library.

It was my first time inside and it was pretty big for a small town, as the town records were also located in the same building. I rummaged through the romance isles until I found something appealing. I had Sebastian's library card to avoid any suspicion about my identity mystery situation.

Since I was there I figured why not scan old newspapers and learn a little more about this town. I headed to the paper feeders to try and figure out how they worked. It went from most recent and then backwards to oldest. An article from last week caught my eye, it was from last week. Sebastian and I agreed not to read the paper for a while so I was clueless and thrown back to this news.

The End

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