Chapter 17 The new employeeMature

It had been a few weeks since I arrived, well fell into Sebastian's life and things were going great. I hadn't had any bad dreams or flashbacks, and the whole incident in Edgewood had faded away.  I had suggested to Sebastian, that maybe he might look into hiring someone part time. This would give him a break, and a chance to take a vacation now that I was there to join him. After ample thought he agreed it would be a good idea, and was eager to leave Cottonwood for a spell. He had one condition, that I accompany him to the store on the interview days. This request was not harsh, and I complied happily.

Ever since that night in the rain things were looking up, for both of us. We had a normal routine set, I would bring him lunch at the sore and chat a while to keep him company. Then dinner would be waiting for him upon arrival from work, and afterwards we relax deep into the night with conversation on the front porch.

So it was set that I would accord Sebastian in the morning for interviews, and I wanted to get a good night sleep. So after dinner I soaked in a nice hot bubble bath before retiring to bed. At this point we were both sleeping in Sebastian's room, and he was already in bed waiting with a smile.

When the sun woke me in the morning Sebastian had already started the coffee and I heard the shower running. I got dressed and headed to the kitchen to whip up some eggs before we left. Sebastian shortly joined me with a kiss on the forehead, "Good morning luv," he sang. We ate our breakfast and headed toward the store. The morning air was so crisp and innocent this early in the morning.

The first interview didn't begin until 10:00 am so we had time to settle in and get things rolling. I was to attend the counter during the interview's if anyone came in, but I would be able to see the applicant's from afar. I dusted the shelves and kept Sebastian company until the first candidate arrived. I a short skinny boy no older then 17 with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an interestingly large nose. He was dressed in jean's with a nice t-shirt tucked in neatly. I eyed them both as the interview intervened, and it wasn't long at all before they shook hands and it was concluded. Sebastian returned to me and admitted he was a good candidate but was going to give the other two applicant the chance to compete.

The next interview was just after lunch at 1:00 pm and she arrived early. She was tall and slender with long flowing brownish red hair with curls. Her blue eyes could have been a perfect match for the sky itself and her lips were painted a glossy light pink. She was dressed in a beautiful floral dress, and I admit I was hoping he didn't pick her. She seemed to be around my age judging from what I could see. Sebastian didn't seem to be distracted by her like I was, and that gave me some relief. The interview lasted about as long as the first and she was exiting as Sebastian appeared at the counter next to me. He said she was also a good candidate and it was going to be hard to select.

The last interview is at 5:00pm so we had plenty of time until then. Most of the afternoon was spent thinking of the first place we would go, The most visited cities were Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. We only had internet at the store, because he used it to order supplies. So all of out research would have to be done there. We looked up attractions from those cities and decided on San Antonio just as the last guy walked in. He was very tall and good looking if I don't say so myself. I quickly turned away before Sebastian noticed I had noticed. This interview lasted a little longer then the others as they laughed a few times. So I had concluded that he made his decision before he did indeed later tell me.

There was something about this guy, who I learned was named Ron. He was so mysterious and I was ashamed that I was intrigued by him. I secretly watched him as Sebastian presented the paperwork to get him started. He was wearing a black leather jacket, combat boots and blue jeans. Definitely didn't seem to be from around here, and I'm surprised this didn't alarm Sebastian. His long black hair was tied back revealing his soft brown eyes and dimples. He appeared to be a little older then us, which I later found he was 30. He shot me a quick smile, and in embarrassment I returned the smile and looked away. I was introduced to him before his departure which couldn't come soon enough. "Alright then Ron tomorrow 9:00am see you then, " Sebastian called as he grabbed the door handle.

The rest of the afternoon I kept diverting back to Ron, what the hell was I thinking of him for? I had Sebastian and he was all I needed. I decided it be a good Idea if I keep clear of the store a much as possible when he was there.

The End

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