Chapter 16 Caught in the rainMature

Rain drops starting spilling down from the sky, and a flash of lightning decorated the sky. We stayed dry under the covered porch as we enjoyed the storm. The rain looked so inviting, and I wanted to run into like a child so I did. Sebastian just shook his head giggling before he joined me himself.

The moisture felt nice on my face, and it was kind of a sensual feeling. I frolicked about  sucking of the wetness without a care in the world. Sebastian watched me playfully with satisfaction in his eyes, he was happy I was happy.

He wandered toward me, his short drenched hugging his body and exposing his perfect body. He had this look in his eye I had never seen, but for some reason I felt a frenzy inside. He  stopped within inches of my face and cupped my chin in his palm. He starred into my eyes and my heart was beating with avidity. He leaned in and placed his lips gently on mine. A surge of electricity shot up my spine as his hand travel down my back, and he pressed his body firmly against mine.

His tongue swirled in my mouth and I tightened my grip on his arms. My body was shivering, not from the rain but his touch. His kisses were so intoxicating as the rain danced around us.  When he finally released me I was like putty in his hands and almost lost my balance. He gabbed my hand and lead me into the house, my breath still short from the passionate kiss he just hypnotized me with.

Once we got into the kitchen he lifted his shirt over his head and flung it in the sink and then he removed mine. It was happening just like my day dream and I was more then ready. Next came his jeans stepping out of them as he lead me backward toward his bedroom. He lunged down fervidly to my lips again as he unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor. We had already made it to his room and he shoved the door open navigating me to the edge of the bed.  I was so nervous as he took off my bra and panties , I was standing there with him in the nude.

He slid his boxers off and sat me on the bed. He smoothly tilted me back until I was laying on the bed, and he glided on top off my body. I could feel his excitement against me and my body pleaded for him to be inside me. He was still kissing me and he moved his lips unhurriedly down my neck. He persisted down the rest of my body kissing every inch, and I felt like I was going to explode. I wanted him so bad but I didn't want to rush him. His face appeared back up to mine, gazing into my eyes as to ask for permission.

The next moment he was inside of me and an uncontrolled moans escaped my lips. He made love to me long into the night before we passed out in each other's arms.

The sun nudged it's rays against our faces, Sebastian kissed my forehead and sighed deeply. We laid in silence just holding each other, I didn't want to be anywhere else with anyone else.

His voice startled me, "Destiny, " he said. "Yes," I whispered. He was silent for a moment and the he asked," I hope this doesn't ruin things between us." I sensed worry in his voice but I assured him things were going to be OK. I assume the insecurity of loosing his parent's the only people in the world he ever loved triggered this.

Sebastian seemed to secure with my promise and got ready for work.

The End

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