Chapter 15 Taking the day offMature

Due to the unwanted affairs of yesterday Sebastian decided to keep the store closed today and stay home. I was happy to not be alone all day, and he needed a break. Today would be absolute serenity, no talk of the past on either parties. After breakfast we just kind of bummed around watching talk shows on the television, we also agreed no newspaper today. We have had our share of bad news for a year.

Sebastian looked over at me and spoke quietly," I'm really glad your hear, I mean I'm sorry about how you got her but not that you are." I could tell there was more on his mind then just me being there. I just waited for him to speak. " You know, " he said. "When my parents died, I kind of got whirled into the whole store thing and didn't notice my loneliness until you arrived." He continued on, " It's nice to know someone is here, even if were not in the same room." I was prepared for him to open up about his parent's, but he never did. I don't know whether it was because he was the type to just keep moving forward or if it hurt to much. I imagine they were all he had, and I never heard him mention anyone else since my arrival.

"So how come you never left Cottonwood, " I probed. He thought for a few minutes before responding, " I'm a simple man and I enjoy simple things." He continued to speak, "Honestly being all alone in a big city seems a little, well intimidating." 

We spoke of simple things for most of the afternoon and it was nearing dinner time. We decided to keep it simple and stick with sandwiches out on the porch. The weather had been so perfect the whole time I was here and I was beginning to feel confident again.

As I stared at Sebastian staring at the sky, I kind of wished I never regained my memory and I could stay here with him forever. I was curious if he felt the same about me. I dragged the night air into my lungs, a feeling I could never grow tired of.

The End

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