Chapter 14 Hostage'sMature

The alarm at the local bank barked out as people flew into a panic, distracting screams flailed very where. Sebastian grabbed my hand and we headed for the truck, as the police sirens illuminated the darkness.

Just as we reached the truck a man pointed a gun at Sebastian's back demanding him to keep quiet. It was not just any man, it was the Cowboy in the black truck. We eyed each other with shock as he blurted out," Surprised to see me?" Well you bet your ass we were, who the hell is this man that seems to keep showing up.

He told me if I moved he would blow Sebastian's brains out, so I stayed stiff as a board. He marched us down to the bank waving his gun around to notify the police officers he was armed. By this time all the town's people had disappeared and Cowboy had a clear path into the front door of the bank. Great first I'm victim of lost identity and now I'm a hostage for Christ sakes what kind of life is this.

I looked over at Sebastian who seemed pretty calm considering the situation at hand. once inside the cowboy motioned for us to sit down on the floor farthest from the door. As the man began to walk off Sebastian whispered, "Don't worry, I will get us out of here." Well Cowboy didn't like that to much as he spun around and shouted, "Shut your trap boy, there will be now talking."

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse two more men emerged from the vault with bags of cash. Imagine my luck, I finally get some romantic time and this shit happens. I know it's a selfish time to think about it, but damn it I was growing tired of all the unknown bullshit being thrown at me.

I was getting irritated and Cowboy could tell, he hurried to my side. "Problem here little lady?" he spat. I gritted my teeth and glanced at Sebastian who shook his head, and then back to him. "As a matter of fact there is, " I sassed. "What the hell do you need us for when you got all these other town people?'

He bust out into laughter as his words flung out, "Pretty little Bitch like you, did it for my own pleasure I have plans for you." I gasped so hard I thought I was going to swallow my tongue. Sebastian looked worried for once inside this whole nightmare. I had to get us out of here. Before I could even take another breath Sebastian yelled, " You better not touch a hair on her head." Cowboy swung back around and slammed his fist into Sebastian's face making a bloody mess. I slid to Sebastian's side and helped him tilt his head back. I ripped off a piece of the cotton dress I was wearing and applied pressure to his bloodied nose.

One of the other men called out from across the room, "We about done fucking around here Frank?" Cowboy, or now introduced as Frank shot me a dirty look. Looked back to the other men and said, "Yup lets pack it up boys."

At least an hour had passed and I was sure the police had to have a plan by now, I was scared of what he would do to me. I was scared of what they would do to Sebastian. No sooner then I finished my thought  S.W.A.T team barged in and took control of the situation.

After what felt like hours I watched over Sebastian as the medical team bandaged his injury. They brought the three men out in handcuff, and even being restrained I was still on edge. I was glad it was over and we could go back to Cottonwood. After they police men took out statement's we walked toward Sebastian's truck. Luckily they didn't ask for identification, as I didn't have one. They were happy with Sebastain leaving his name, number and address in case they had any further questions. Small town are good about keeping a low profile to avoid media.We reached the truck and were more eager to leave as we sped off toward home.

"I'm sorry all this is happening to you," Sebastian pained. I took his hand, slid over next to him and sigh, " I guess You need to keep me around so you can keep an eye on me then." He just smiled back and the rest of the ride was spent in content silence.

The End

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