Chapter 13 The next town overMature

I was so excited to finally spend some time out of the house with Sebastian, we were going the next town over for dinner. I didn't realize he had a car, we always walked every where. He stored it in the shed to keep it in good condition, and small town's a car thief's dream.

I found a cute little floral dress in the box of clothing that belonged to Sebastian's mother. I felt a bit odd wearing the white canvas tennis shoes, but once they were on they didn't look so bad. Sebastian appeared from the room in a pair of black dress pants, and a dark blue button up shirt. I had to remind myself not to drool, because he sure did look hot.

"Well, don't you look nice, " he flirted. I could feel myself blushing, hoping he didn't notice. I responded back, " Looking handsome yourself." We piled into the old green pick up truck and headed to the restaurant.

It was a 45 minute drive to the next town, but time seemed to brisk right by. It was called Edgewood, and had a population of 1200. We pulled up to a little tan building that read "Amy's seafood and steak." It looked lovely from the outside, and even cuter once we entered. The light's were dim and the tables were dressed with white lace and candles.  The greeter ushered us to our table by the window and we seated ourselves.

This town Sebastian had told,  me was twice the size of Cottonwood but still pretty small. I looked out the window at all the little shops surrounding us, they seemed very well placed. There was a nice sized crowd of towns people visiting and loitering about. From where I was sitting it seemed innocent and laid back.

Shortly the waitress returned with menu's. "Hey Sebastian," the petite woman spoke. "Long time since you been over this way, who's your friend?" she continued. He flashed a quick look at me then back to her before he spoke. "This is Destiny, she's an old friend in town for a visit." She looked displeased at his response, but all the same took our order and sent it to the kitchen.

When she walked off he explained her name was Melissa and that they had dated once, but it didn't turn out well. Lucky for me I said inside my head as he completed his sentence.

There was soft music inside the dinning room, it was pleasant and set the mood just right. I wondered what type of music I liked, perhaps all kinds. Then it dawned on me, this was the perfect opportunity to find out more fun facts about Sebastian. I started with his choice in music, and he informed me he enjoyed any type of music but rock was his favorite. We conversed back and forth until out food came, I was starved.

After dinner we decided to take a stroll down the strip to enjoy the fresh night air. It was getting dark, and the stars dominated the sky on this night. It couldn't be more perfect, until it wasn't. 

The End

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