Chapter 12 The heart-shaped ringMature

When Sebastian left for work I had some breakfast and started the house work. I didn't take long, as the house is not enormous and Sebastian kept it pretty tidy. I had also grabbed some candles when I was in town, I wanted to make a nice dinner tonight. Before I knew it was lunch time so I decided to take a break before the laundry.

After a short rest I headed to my room and gathered my clothing, and headed toward the kitchen sink. I was almost sure there was nothing in my pockets, as I was found with nothing. I double checked anyway, all was clear as I grabbed my jeans I originated in. I was astonished to find and object wedged deep in the corner of the front right pocket. I freed it and removed it to my viewing. It was a black and white diamond ring in the shape of a heart.

I studied it, and found and engraving inside which read "to our beloved daughter Lexy". So the next question to be raised, was is this my ring am I lexy. Or was this obtained from the owner of the ring? Just when I think I'm getting a grip some new discovery smacks right into me. I decided to try it on, and it was a perfect fit. I admired it's beauty, who ever selected it had amazing taste in jewelry.

I wondered, if I was this "Lexy" are my parent's still alive and where? Were they looking for me? I was anxious to tell Sebastian when he returned, ever since I spilled my secrets it felt great to tell him everything.

I finished up the laundry and carried them out to the yard where I hung them to dry. It was such a beautiful day, kind of made me want to take a walk. Maybe Sebastian would join me later, it would give me a chance to explore the neighborhood.

It would give me an excuse to hold his hand to, the thought of that brought butterflies to my stomach. I mean of course we have hugged and he comforted me, but not from a romantic stance.

I reverted back to the morning I saw him half naked, the vision was crystal clear. I dreamed of what his lips tasted like, and how his tongue would feel massaging mine. I pictured his hands caressing my body and how perfect his muscle bulged from his physique. I wanted to run my fingers through his yet black hair and hold his warm naked body against mine. . I'm not sure why my hormones where on a high today, but it felt good dream of pleasure instead of pain for once.  I wondered if he, well of course he's a grown man, he had to have had a woman before.

I must have been day dreaming for quite a while, because I heard Sebastian call for me from inside. I entered the house and looked up at the clock, it was only 5pm. "Your home early," I teased. He smiled back, " Yes, it's the forth of July, I thought you might enjoy some fireworks." He gestured to the bag in his hand. Oh I would enjoy some fireworks alright, just not the one's he was referring to. Amongst all the excitement I had forgotten all about the heart-shaped ring I tucked away in the night stand near my bed.

The End

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