Chapter 11 Another bad dreamMature

When Sebastian got home I was pretty quiet, and he noticed of course. I had already been there with him three days, and still have no new information to offer him. I felt helpless staring into those beautiful green eyes.

I had become to realize I was pretty good at changing the subject, so I jumped up and headed to the kitchen to start dinner. He joined me moments later and he was back to himself. As we ate I started to think about all these things that I have been going through, and longed to know my identity even more.

My feelings for Sebastian were surprisingly growing fast, and I owed him so much. I made up my mind that I would clean the house tomorrow and hand wash the clothes. There was a line out back to dry them on, and I saw some detergent in the hall closet.

I went to my room early that night, I needed time to think. I tossed and turned for hours, my mind was so busy with thoughts it wouldn't shut off. Then finally when sleep came, I wished it hadn't.

I was in the foggy clearing again, only this time I was not alone. I felt a hand on my shoulder and rapidly whirled

around to meet Sebastian's glare. He was smiling at me as if everything was OK. "Hurry, " I shouted, "they will be catching

up to us soon." He just looked at me with a confused expression and began to laugh insanely. This angered me beyond

control and I peered deep into his eyes. "We are the only two people here, " he tried to convince me. Not even seconds later

I saw the two men coming, the one they called Ivan and the slender one.  They charged toward me and I instantly

grabbed Sebastian's hand and ran. He looked sideways at me in disbelief and spoke out of breath, "What the hell is going on?"

It was the first time I ever heard him sound so scared. I just kept running, I had no time to explain and they were gaining on us.

I was faced forward to avoid any obstructions when I heard gun shots ring out. Sebastian's grip loosened and down he went

dragging me with him. He had been shot in the side and blood was oozing out staining his shirt. I started crying, and I looked

around for the men but we were alone. Sebastian coughed before choking out the words, " Why did you ...shoot me?" I was

taken back by his words and I protested, "No no, it wasn't me." He closed his eyes and I began to panic, I needed to find help

now. I proceeded to stand up, and there right beside me was the gun.

Sebastian must have heard my screams again, because I woke to his arms around me once more. I was so terrified that I had lost the one person in the world who I knew. Enough was enough, I had to tell him everything. About the man in the paper, the dream, and the cowboy in town.

After I finished he held me tight and whispered, "Your not a killer, there just dreams from your conscious trying to figure out who you are."

I hoped he was right, and I prayed they would stop all together. Then again at the same time I couldn't help but wonder if maybe pieces of them were really memories. Maybe people I really did know, but just not in that way they came in my dreams and visions.

I was exhausted, I laid my head on Sebastian's chest and drifted back off to sleep.

The End

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