Chapter 10 Trip to townMature

I woke up to the sound of Sebastian fumbling around in the bathroom, as it was a straight shot from my room. I was relieved he hadn't gone yet so I could ask about the laundry. I changed into the clothes I wore yesterday and strolled into the living room. Apparently Sebastian was not expecting me to be awake as he entered the room in only his underwear. He was perfection indeed, it sent a rush of excitement through my body as I watched him. He had a perfect six pack and his tan skin was complimented by his jet black hair. Muscles were bulging everywhere, and I began to get heated. I found composure and decided not to take advantage of the situation.

I cleared my throat to alert him of my presence, he instantly scurried to his room blushed cheeks and all. "Sorry," he called shyly from his room, " I thought you would still be asleep." He returned fully clothed and joined me on the couch. I inquired about the laundry facilities and he revealed he did not have any accommodations. He suggested that if I was feeling up to it, he would give me directions to town and some cash to acquire a feel things. He presented me with a box of clothing left from his mother and insisted they would not get any use sitting in the hall closet. I was grateful for all that he had done for me, and I still felt guilt for not telling him everything.

Shortly after our conversation he headed off to work and I jumped in the shower. After the soothing shower I selected an outfit and dressed myself. I ate a quick bowl of cereal and started nervously in the direction of town.

I didn't expect to see much once I arrived, but I admit it was a cute little set up they had. The only national store I saw was Dollar General and  opted to check it out. I noticed the locals sneaking a look at me as I made my way down the little strip they called town.  Once inside I scanned the place out a bit before I began browsing the aisles for much needed girls supplies. I gathered a few item such as deodorant, hair brush, body spray, and a toothbrush. I figured there was no sense on wasting his money on make up, he had already seen my worst. Let's face it, I had no identity thus far no reason the beautify myself.I skimmed the selection of panties in the woman's section, and grabbed the most attractive ones I could find. Last but not least some sneakers, I can't wear these boots forever as they looked to be falling apart.

I headed up to the register to pay for my things, the cashier was a young girl no older then myself. She looked me over before she began scanning my items and bagging them. "Not from around her huh?" she requested. I responded with confidence, " No just visiting." She seemed pleased with my reply and completed my transaction.

I grabbed by bags and headed for the door, and next thing I knew I had bumped into someone entering, which sent me spiraling back ward. "Sorry Darlin, didn't see you," a familiar voice giggled. It was the Cowboy with the black truck, but why was he here? I guess Sebastian never really said he didn't live here, I just assumed he would of mentioned it.

He extended his hand to aid me to my feet. As I accepted the invitation politely I gripped his hand, another vision or flashback played in my head.

I was back on the cold pavement under the freeway, and as I lay there I hear footsteps exiting. Tilting my head just enough, I see him, the Cowboy jumping in his black truck. Then I blacked out, and remember nothing more.

I gasp realizing I'm still holding his hand, and I know he can see the fear in my eyes. "Thank you sir," I swiftly say as I run out the door.

I ran all the way back to the house, dropped my bags on the table and locked all the doors.

What the hell was that? What is he doing here? Maybe he is sticking around to see if I remember anything, maybe it was just an incorrect vision. After several minutes of panic I searched for the wall clock. Shit it was almost 6pm, I had lost hours of time.

I put away all the things I purchased neatly away in my room. More lies I had to hide from Sebastian, at least until I figure out what the hell is going on.

The End

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