Chapter 9 Liar LiarMature

It felt like a five minute nap before the sound of Sebastian's footsteps woke me. I sat up and spun in his direction and smiled, maybe because of the guilt I was feeling about my decision not to tell him about the man in the paper. Perhaps just because he carried such a harmonious aura, that it was easy to feel secure. Besides that I didn't want to ruin the friendship that had begun with the only one person in the world I could trust.

"How is your day going?" he inquired. I tried to sound as calm as possible with my response, "Oh you know, just relaxing and enjoying the rest." I could see the anxiousness is his eyes to discuss the dream he had comforted me from last night. I wanted so ineptly to let him in my head, but at the same time I didn't want him to see the monster I might be.

I changed the subject as I jumped up from the couch asking how his day was. He told me of a few customers he had, but for the most part he had been bored out of his mind. As I listened, I got an idea thinking back to what food items I had bumped into in the cabinets earlier. When he finished I chimed in, "Hey , why don't you let me have dinner waiting for you tonight, it's the least I can do for your hospitality." A flush of delight filled his face and he replied cheerfully, " that sounds really nice actually." After a few moments he spoke again, "I better head back to the store, I will see you for dinner." I nodded and he departed.

A little excited about cooking dinner, I had to decide what to prepare. I gave the fridge and the cabinets another once over and decided on spaghetti, I mean how hard is that to mess up?

I glanced at the clock and it was barely 1pm, so I had time to kill which I did not want to do by sleeping. I walked back over to the couch and picked up the remote, hoping to find a movie to pass the time. I flipped through then channels until I was satisfied with what appeared to be a love story.

On account of it being Sunday Sebastian mentioned closing down at 6pm today. I didn't even know what day it was until then,even though I had the paper right in front of me this morning. Which I am going to refrain from remembering the rest of the day.

The movie ended around 3pm, I turned off the television and lead my way to the window. It was so beautiful and quiet out here in the middle of know where. I day dreamed about what life growing up here would be like. There were house in the distance, but not close enough to see any other people. I envied the innocence of my surroundings and wished to be nowhere but here at the moment. I took a deep breath and left the window to explore the house a little before Sebastian arrived back home.

I ventured into the only room I had not yet seen, Sebastian's room. I gently pushed the door ope a smidge and squeezed through the space I created. Inside it was just as plain as the room I was utilizing, only it was much bigger. I determined it must have been his parent's house. There was a queen size bed dressed with a blue quilt that had been sewn by hand. The plaid patterns crisscrossed each other from end to end. There was a long dresser that lined the opposite wall and a small night table next to the bed.

Another door lead into the closet, the room I slept in didn't contain a closet. I felt nosey looking inside, but my eagerness got the better of me. I opened the door slightly and peaked inside. It was barely large enough to house a row of clothes and a small shelf lined the hanging bar. On the top shelf there were boxes piled atop of each other, but the weren't labeled. I inhaled the pleasant scent of what is Sebastian.

I had lost track of time and hurried out into the living room to the clock, it was nearing 5pm. I rushed to the bathroom and made sure I looked presentable and then charged toward the kitchen to start dinner. I found all the necessary utensil's to accomplish my task. Before I knew it Sebastian's foot steps returned, and just in time.

We sat down to eat, and he insisted on doing the dishes. After everything was back in it's proper place we decided to watch a little television. He planted ourselves on the couch and found something we agreed upon. When the movie was over Sebastian turned to me with that same ambiguous look.

I knew I had to tell him something, he had been so understanding and didn't force me to talk about anything that had happened. I thought about it a while and settled on only telling him about the dream. Though he felt sorrow about my dream he did not pry and ask for my input. He looked pleased that I had shared something with him.

We said our good night and progressed to our separate rooms. I changed back into the pajamas clothes he had given me the night before. I wasn't sure if he had access to a washer and dryer, but I did see a small shed out back. I would try to wake with him in the morning and ask.

I lay my head on the soft pillow and sigh, why did I feel so horrible not mentioning my flash back? Was it because I was actually beginning to feel something for him, or was it because I was ashamed that I have feelings for someone and might have a dead husband to mourn. I dosed off feeling like such a liar.

The End

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