Chapter 8 The man in the paperMature

The rest on the night was a blur, and I woke to the aroma of coffee teasing my tastebuds. I noticed on the night table next to me there was a pile of clothes neatly folded, and a note. I read it aloud...

I have gone to open the store, and I didn't want to wake you.

I hope you find the clothes I left for you adequate, they were my mother's.

  Please make yourself at home and help yourself to some breakfast.

I will be home later to look in on you, and try to get some rest.


After making up the bed, I picked up the clothing and looked it over. Lucky for me, it was close enough to my size. I slid on the jeans and pulled the plain blue shirt over my head. My shoulder was still tender and I winced with slight discomfort.

I headed toward the kitchen, but something caught my eye and I twirled around. A single picture frame sat neatly on the mantle above the fireplace. It was silver with large 3D letters bordering the bottom that read FAMILY. I carefully examined the people in the picture, and they looked so happy. I could only conclude it was Sebastian's parents as he was burrowed in between them. The sight brought a warm feeling to my heart, which promptly changed when I thought of how he must feel now.

I gently placed the frame into it's proper place, then dragged into the kitchen. Then it dawned on me, do I even know how to cook? I mean something that simple shouldn't take hard thought. I must at least like coffee, as it was reason I woke from slumber. After rummaging through the cabinets I found a coffee cup, a bowl and some cereal. I headed to the fridge for the milk and returned to the table to enjoy a peaceful breakfast.

I revisited my dream, and even the recap was depraved and painful.  I noticed the paper still bundled up in it's original plastic, how thoughtful of him to leave it for me. I smiled and began to removed the plastic, exposing the front page.

As I lifted the coffee mug to my lips I lost my grip and it shattered on the floor. My eyes were cemented to the picture attached to feature story titled " Man dies a brutal death." It wasn't the title at all that caught me by surprise, it was the ring on his left finger. I was silver with black crossed circling it, and I remembered something for the first time.

I had seen that ring before, and suddenly a face appeared in my mind. It was handsome and tanned. Eyes of blue, and a small goatee that perfected his look quite well.  It seemed this man was important to me in some way, I felt a sense of intimacy toward him. The ring lived on his finger, just like in the paper.

Then I had a sudden flash back, and I was there with him. We were sitting on the beach laughing, and are hands were engaged with wine glasses. The view was breath taking and I had never felt so serine in my lifetime. I breathed in the ocean air and exhaled slowly with delight. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and reached for my lover's hand. The frigidness that met my touch sent me spiraling up and I looked to my lover. He was dead, just like in the photo sprawled across the morning paper. Suddenly he jolted up, gasping for air he let out, "Why did you let them kill me?"  The horrific event took over my consciousness and spun me back to reality.

I was back in Sebastian's kitchen and I noticed the mess I had made. I jumped swiftly to my feet to retrieve the broom I found in the pantry earlier. After sweeping up the broken glass, I cleaned the coffee from the floor and made my way to the living room.

I sat on the couch rocking back and forth trying to gather my sanity. My mind was flooded with questions. The first was do I share all this with Sebastian and was it somehow connected to my dream? Who is this man I seem to be connected to, and could I have prevented his murder? My head was so dizzy, so I deposited my head on the pillows arranged on the couch. I closed my eyes and drifted into darkness.

The End

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