Chapter 7 Was it really just a dreamMature

I was running through a wooded area, and it was dark. I could feel the branches whipping at my legs as I ran franticly forward looking for civilization. I could hear faint footsteps trailing behind me, but I was afraid to look back. A deep voice was calling after me, the words were muffled but I could tell it was male.

In the next instant I was tumbling onto the wet grass thanks to the fallen debris I tripped over. I looked down and my hands were covered in mud as I jumped up I didn't appear to be injured. I could see a figure gaining distance as I bolted of into the tree's, this time being careful not to fall.

I came to a clearing that was indulged with fog which made it impossible to see what was up ahead. I still continued into the unfamiliar night, and I heard the voice again. This time it was more clear and I could make out the threats. "GET BACK HERE, YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME," the voice shouted.

My heart started beating harder and I sped up. I had no idea where I was or who was chasing me. I stopped for a mere second to catch my breath, which turned out to be a mistake. I felt a forceful pull from behind me and I was in a choke hold. I could feel the warm, raunchy breath of my captor on my neck. "Where do you think you going?" he whispered with excitement. I was paralyzed with fear, so I just closed my eyes praying that it was all a dream.

But it didn't, I could feel him dragging me backwards. Within seconds I hear the roar on an engine surface and still I kept my eyes closed terrified of what I might see. I could hear the murmur of other voices, but I was weak and couldn't make out what they were shouting.

I must have passed out, because when I woke up I was tied to a chair. The room was bare and empty apart from myself. I struggled to free myself, but the ropes were just to tight. I tried to scoot the chair to the door, which I wasn't even sure was unlocked. Halfway there the door swung open and two men walked in, but I did not recognize them.

The marched toward me with much eagerness and halted in front of me. One was tall and stocky, he looked to be in his thirties. The other slightly shorter and slender. Then the slender one spoke, "What should we do with her Ivan?" This sent me into a frenzy and my mind filled with horrific images of my death. "You stupid fuck don't say my name, " the heavier one yelled. I could tell by his tone he was the one who had been chasing me. After the argued for a while they fell silent and kneeled down to my height. They both broke out in laughter at the fear in my eyes.

During their barrel of laughter the door swung open again and they swiftly returned to their feet, as to be worried. Another man entered and headed our direction. As he moved into the light I saw a scar under his right eye hidden underneath his cap. He was around the same height as the other two assholes who stood before me.

He pulled out a long silver knife and paraded it in front of my face like a prize. I was petrified and at that same moment the knife grazed my shoulder. The wound exuded with blood and the pain was unbearable and I screamed out in suffering tears. He raised the knife once more and began to lunge at me, I closed by eyes tightly.

I could feel myself being jounced repeatedly, and I finally opened my eyes. I met Sebastian's gaze and his eyes were filled with concern.

"I heard you screaming," he gasped.

He hugged me tightly as the tears flooded my cheeks. "Your safe now," he breathed.

The End

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