Chapter 6 DestinyMature

As the day went on I tried firmly to piece together any thoughts I had, but still I came up empty. We didn't talk much the rest of the day, and I appreciated Sebastian respecting my silence. There was a calmness about him an innocence that drew me in. I didn't know whether to embrace it or hide from it. He was busy in a sports magazine as I gawked at his handsome anatomy.

The sun was started to set and the rays slowly disappeared behind the night. I looked up at the faded clock on the wall, and it read 8:45pm. I wasn't sure what was going to happen know, I had been dreading it all day. Was he going to invite me to accompany him home, or offer me another night in the back room? Or did the Cowboy's conversation have him doubting his safety and was he going to kick me out on the street.

"It's almost closing time," Sebastian called from behind the counter. The stillness in his voice assured me he did not see me as a threat.

As 9pm arrived he turned off the open sign,locked the door and pulled down the shades.

"Well," he declared "I know it's been quite a day for you and you don't know me, but your more then welcome to join me for the night at my home. I smiled at the thought that no judgement had been passed on me. " A nice warm shower does sound inviting, " I replied. I followed him to the back room we had originally been introduced in. Well he introduced himself, me on the other hand I was a stranger in my own head.

The walk home was nice, he mentioned he had two rooms and there was no reason why I couldn't stay a while until I decided what I was going to do. He was lonely and would enjoy the conversation and  retinue of another for once. He went on to brag that he was a great cook, and if I wanted he could whip us up something to eat while I showered. I tried not to seem over eager, but I was more then happy to accept his kindness.

We reached the house in no time, and it stood back from the road and was small just like everything else around here. We walked up a handmade stone path to the front door, where we were met with a dim porch light.

Once inside I took a quick look around, It looked very comfortable and homey. The front room was decorated with small picture, I assume he left from his mother. There was a small fire place facing a black leather sectional and a hand crafted coffee table.

I peered over to the right which appeared to be a small eating area next to the open kitchen. It contained a small wooden table and chairs which also seemed had crafted. The kitchen was papered in peach floral and panel walls. Before I had time to observe any further Sebastian's harmonic voice broke my concentration, " I will show you to your room....umm, " he paused for a moment. "What shall I call you?" he inquired.

I tried to process all the things I had seen today, searching for a name of meaning. "Hmm?" I sighed. But before I could find one, He blurted out, " How about Destiny?"

I liked the sound of that rolling off his tongue, and given the nature of my unknown destination it sort of fit. I continued to trail behind him and I replied softly, "Destiny it is then".

We entered an room of light blue, it contained only a bed and a night table. "I hope this is OK, " he questioned. I responded with appreciation, "It's perfect."  He pointed to the direction of the bathroom then left the room. I sat on the bed and deeply breathed in the country air from the open window behind me.

There was a light tap on the door and I called for him to enter, he emerged with a shirt and boxer shorts. "I figured some fresh clothes to sleep in might be nice," he said.

He set the clothes on the bed and headed to the kitchen to make dinner.  After the amazing shower we ate dinner and then I excused myself to bed.

As my head hit the pillow I fought sleep at first, afraid of where I might wake up next. It was useless I was exhausted and my eye lids met the darkness.

The End

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