Chapter 5 Sudden panicMature

After catching my breath I returned my stare to Sebastian. He was looking at me, and I assumed he had the same thoughts invade his mind as I just did. Surprisingly he did not look to be afraid, he just waited for me to speak.

I stumbled my words, "DDDDo you think...I," before I could finish my sentence I burst into tears. Immediately I felt his lean arm embrace my frame. I nestled my face into his shoulder and continued sobbing heavily. He massaged my back with small gentle strokes, and he remained silent as I wept.

After moments of embarrassing tears I pulled myself together and headed to the restroom. I gazed into the small cracked mirror that hung crooked on the wall above the rusty sink. Staring back at me was a young girl, no older then 22. She had fire red hair and the lightest green eyes I ever saw. She was average in size, not to skinny, and not to large.

Who was she though, how could someone remember nothing of themselves. Not eve a flash of a memory, or a name. I don't know what was more alarming; the fact that I didn't know who I was or the ghastly possibility I was a cold blooded killer.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, searching my mind. Looking for anything, a hint, a flash and idea of where to start. I must have been in there longer then I anticipated because I was startled by a knock on the door. "You OK in there?" Sebastian's voiced traveled through then thin metal door. To avert him possibly pounding the door down with concern, I quickly responded, "Yes, yes I'm OK I'll be out in a minute."

I wiped the tears from my face and combed through my knotted hair with my fingers. Attempting to make myself presentable. In all the madness I glanced once more into the mirror, at the young women. She was kind of beautiful in a strange way, I mean I am kind of easy on the eyes.

I grabbed the knob and proceeded into the store, Sebastian had a few customers. A mother and a small boy, who by their attire did not belong in this part of the world. They were dressed in fancy clothing that was probably of top dollar. The woman had on a tight black dress that hugged her perfect figure. It made me instantly look down to my own clothing that was far from glamorous. A pair of faded jeans and a tight fitting black shirt crowded with hearts. I peered down to my feet to be met with a beat up hair of black heeled boots. I suddenly felt out of place, I didn't belong here that I was sure of. I may not know who I am but I was certain I needed to find out sooner then later.

The End

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