Chapter 4 The CowboyMature

I analyzed the small space he called his store. It was a bit dusty and seemed to have no been updated in years. I signaled for me to have a seat in a chair near the counter. Before long a large black truck pulled up, and out jumped a slender gentleman in a cowboy hat. He first filled up with gasoline before entering the store.

He tipped his hat as he stepped into the aisle nearest the door. "Mornin," his raspy voice rang out. A sudden shiver shot up my spine, that voice it was familiar but why? I paid it no mind as I glanced back at Sebastian who had his head buried in the morning paper. My eyes followed this mysterious Cowboy as he collected items from the shelves before making his way to the register.

"Will that be all for you," Sebastian's voice startled he out of deep thought. The Man nodded in agreement and quickly positioned his eyes to me. " Quite the injury you got there," he stated pointing to my bandage. "how did you come by that?" he continued. My eyes raced to Sebastian then quickly back to him. I tried to cover my hesitation with a smile, "clumsy me," I laughed "always running into things." My heart was beating so fast that I thought he would hear it. I swallowed and stayed silent as Sebastian bagged his items. " Be sure to me more careful," he sighed as I handed him the bag.

"Might end up like that fella they found few town over," he blurted out. "They say he was stabbed so many times they couldn't recognize him," he shook his head.  He continued on about how the police found him in an abandoned building late last night. He had no identification, didn't seem to have driven himself to the location with the absence of a vehicle present. He carried on about blood covered victim and the brutal assault he had sustained. Just the words he described made me nauseous, and I could tell by Sebastian's expressions he felt the same. Apparently there were no witnesses, clues, weapons, or evidence period.

"So did he survive?" Sebastian asked curiously. The man took a deep breath and replied, "nope died on the way to the hospital." He was about to turn away, but turned back as to forget something. Then he whispered, "oh but they did say he said one thing before he passed, a name, Athena."

This brought some curiosity to Sebastian's eyes, but he didn't question the man further. I got a sudden lump in my throat and couldn't help think. Could I do such a thing? Was I capable of hurting someone with such rage , that they could not be identified. The terror filled my body and I began to feel light headed. I returned to the chair and the man walked away.

. "Never know someone really do ya," he grunted as he exited the store.

The End

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