Chapter 3 SebastianMature

Sebastian seemed to understand my befuddlement, as his beautiful green eyes inspected my form. To break the awkwardness he began telling me where I was and who he was. Apparently this small town I had wandered in, had been the place he had spent his whole life thus far. He had inherited this small service station from his parents who died in a fatal car accident just months earlier. It was the only one that occupied the entire 8 mile town.  He was an only child and had no other living relatives that he knew of. He was 26, and due to the size of the town, had never been to school. He was home schooled by his parents, as were the other children who grew up in this tiny place.

Though I am the one with an identity crisis, I actually felt sorry for him at the moment. He had nobody in the world and he took in a complete stranger who may or may not be a murderer. I felt amiss that I had no information to offer him of myself. Hell I didn't even know how old I was let alone where I was from.

He continued on about his life and his parents. He mentioned his loneliness aside from tales of random customers driving through town on the way to their next destination. I began to loosen up a bit and took comfort in his words, as I let my guard down a little. He was quite handsome, and I could sense he was not aware of this. I know its a faulty time to guess such things, but I was curious if he had ever had the company of a woman. I shook it off and continued listening to his syrupy voice introduce facts of who he was.

He inhabited a small house up the road, also left behind by his parents.Then town was paltry that he traveled by foot everywhere. He indulged me with his intentions to one day leave and explore the world outside. I could sense a certain sadness in his quarrel of his parents. I wonder If I had parents, siblings, or an family of the sort.

Hours had passed and the sun peeked through the window of the small room. Then the silence was broken by his statement, "well time to open up for the day." I smiled back, " anything I can help you with," I asked. He thought for a moment then said, "well, you can keep me company up front if you don't mind, I don't get many visitors." I complied with his request and followed him through the wooden door.

"You know, " I spoke up. "If you don't mind I'd rather keep my presence between us until I have a chance to regain some memories."

He nodded with acceptance and we entered the store.

The End

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