Chapter 2 Who am I?Mature

"Fuck", I whooped jumping up with pain. I was in a small room with dim lighting and from what I could tell I was alone. I heard distant voices from the other side of the wall. Then I recalled collapsing at the service station I had ventured to. I could only assume I was still there perhaps in a room off the back of the establishment.

Quickly I glanced down to my shoulder which had been cleaned and bandaged up. I peered over to the table just as my stomach growled to find a sandwich placed neatly on a plate sitting on a small table. Next to it sat a bottled water. I admit though I didn't know who had put me here, I was starving.

After devouring the food and gulping down the water I decided to investigate my location. But before I could boost myself up, the door creaked open. I saw a head peak from behind the heavy wooden door.

It was a young man, who looked to be in his early twenties with jet black hair and shimmering green eyes. I was motionless as he entered the room shutting the door behind. He kept distance between the two of us and sat on a chair at the end of the bed I had been lying on.

"Please don't be alarmed", his sweet voice rang out. I studied him from head to toe before deciding whether or not to respond. He was tall and his muscles well pronounced underneath his tight fitting shirt. We was dressed in dark blue jeans and black combat boots. His hair was short and neat. His lips looked soft and fit his face just right. I just gaped in confusion until he broke the silence.

" I mean you no harm miss, I found you unconscious in the parking lot" he spoke with calmness. He hesitated as he waited for my response. "I'm Sebastian", he announces. To avoid being rude to this stranger who obviously helped me out. I opened my mouth the respond. "I'm...I'm.. I don't remember who I am".

He could see the sorrow in my eyes, and he could tell I felt out of place and unguarded. "Well", he continued, "what do you remember?"

I explained to him the horrific awakening I had endured upon my arrival to his place. Then it fell silent as if he were taking in my words and examining them.

"OK, well it's almost dawn," he orated. "If you like I can take you to the police station, and we can start from there?'

I wasn't sure where I had been, or what I had done. What if I hurt someone worse then I had been injured? What if I was running from someone and visiting the authorities alerted them of my where a bouts? So many question began to invade my mind, and I was overwhelmed with fear. I could feel the salty tears traveling down my cheek as I flashed my eyes to him.

The End

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