Chapter 1- How did I get hereMature

A woman with an identiy crisis suddenly wakes to find herself alone and injured. She has no memory of who she is and where she has been. She stumbles into a small town and is befriended by lonely young man. Together they attempt peice together her identity, and in the process unravel dirty secrets that were never meant to be found.

I could feel the cold pavement below my pale body, and the warm red liquid as it poured from the wound on my shoulder. I slowly opened my eyes, vision hazy I stared up into the bright blue sky. I could hear the car engines humming from the freeway up above. I had no memory of what happened or where I was. All I could feel was the discomfort from the 6 inch gash on my right shoulder.

I haltingly raised up to a sitting position as I cried out in agony. I had a gander around, but still everything was unfamiliar.

I'm not sure how much time had passed before I finally built up enough courage to pull myself to my feet. It was still dark, and the traffic above me seemed to simmer down to a handful.

I had to find a rest stop or service station. I was dying of thirst and needed some simple medical attention. So I headed North towards the freeway. Between my pounding headache and throbbing shoulder, it was almost impossible to keep my balance.

Finally reaching the access road I saw a sign up ahead that read, Cottonwood TX population 224. Texas, how the hell did I get here? Where was I even from? I couldn't even remember my name come to think of it.

As I toddled along I began to see a dim light up ahead, and as I came closer I saw it was a service station. This picked my spirits up a bit and gave me vigor to pick up the pace.

As I reached the parking lot everything became blurry and my head was spinning. The next thing I remembered was darkness.

The End

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