A Strange Thing To Say


"What are we supposed to tell her? The truth? 'Sorry, Starla, but we broke into your house because we can't go outside or else we'll be eaten by an army of the undead'? I don't think so!"

This was the first thing I heard when I woke up, and for a moment I considered just going back to sleep. I kept my eyes closed, trying to remember what had happened. I had been studying with a can of soda and a bag of chips...then I must've dozed off. Okay, so I had reviewed what HAD happened. What was happening now? Not only was the speaker's voice terribly familiar, but the context of what she had said made me believe that either I was having some crazy nightmare, or the Mountain Dew I had drank was spiked with something other than insane amounts of caffeine.

I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw my fears were confirmed. Not only was my least favorite person standing in my kitchen, hands on her hips in the usual haughty way, but she had two other unknown guys with her. I decided to announce that I had awaken in my usual subtle way.

"What. The. HELL?"

I had the satisfaction of watching the other three jump about a foot in the air at the sound of my voice. They looked over at me almost guiltily, which made me wonder what exactly they had done.

"Uh, Starla! You're awake!" my arch-rival actually looked nervous, which I'd never seen before.

"Way to establish the obvious. What exactly is going on here?"

The End

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