When The Recurring Theme Attacks

Strangely there was a strange sight Tim's strange room, yes Tim's boring room had become strange. A strange thing indeed.

Let me give you the backstory...

Firstly Tim's pets had strangely thought of an idea. They were watching The made up home makeover show, when this idea occured (yees Ii didd spel occured rong stopp teling me howw two spel mi wurds oka?)

Anyway, the idea was to let the tv show film crew in to film an episode of the show, and instead of a professional designer, since the production crew were almost broke, they hired some homeless man off the street. 

And not-so-strangely he made the house strange, which was so strange that Tim's dazzled pet's forgot to tell Tim, as this was all done as he was getting his groceries. And then Tim had gone to sleep on his bed even though he had to be at work in 20 minutes. 

This wasn't the only strange thing though, as there was someone or some thing hiding in his wardrobe, and here's a hint; it liked bananas.

The End

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