an explanation

‘Right well, as you know, vampires are real,’ he began. ‘Things that you’ve read about vampires are probably not true. Everyone has a different perspective of them. For instance, some people think that vampires can only come out at night; some think that they cannot enter a house unless they’re invited, and some think that they’re all evil and out to kill people. These are all untrue. Not all vampires are evil. Believe it or not there are some good vampires out there, some that believe that humans should not be treated like vermin and killed painfully. Although they’ll need human blood to survive, they take it in small portions or if they’re in dire need, they will kill the human as painlessly and mercifully as possibly first, before they feed. Whereas, other vampires do not care. They will just feed on you there and then. Like your little guest tonight, he wasn’t going to bother killing you beforehand; he was just going to subject you to horrific pain and a slow death.’

I gave a little shudder. ‘But why is he coming after me in particular? What have I done to upset him?’

He didn’t answer at first; he lowered his eyes to the ground and exhaled. I sighed, exasperated, my eyes rolled to the ceiling.

‘Matt, please. I’ve been through enough. I’m not usually one to complain, but I have a bloodthirsty vampire after me, I’m stuck here, totally defenceless and I don’t even know why it’s happening. You have no right to keep me in darkness. Tell me.’

He turned his head and looked at me, seriously. ‘You are one hundred percent right, you have every right to know, but I’m worried what it’ll do to you.’

‘What it’ll do to me? Matt, honestly, I don’t think anything could really damage me any further,’ I half joked.

‘Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. First off, you’re not totally defenceless,’ he began. I was about to interrupt him, but he held a hand up, silencing me. ‘Please, I will explain everything. Just listen.

When your parents met, your mother had a secret, something she kept hidden from your father for years. Until, one day, she confessed. The news shocked him, of course, but he decided to stand by her. They had you a couple of years later, and they were worried that you had inherited some of your mother’s special powers. However, you seemed relatively normal, so they relaxed and settled into family life. Things were going alright, until your fifth birthday.

‘One of the children there had stolen one of your toys. You were angry and then, before anyone knew what was happening, you had sent the child flying halfway across the room. It was from then on, your parents realised you weren’t fully human. They did it with your health in mind. You cannot blame them for what I am about to tell you. They had to erase your memory slightly, just enough so you wouldn’t remember anything that had happened. You would think you were fully human and nothing was wrong. Your powers haven’t been awakened since.’

He stopped and looked at me, assessing my reaction. I was, of course, going into total shock. Nothing he said had made sense. He took advantage of the silence and carried on explaining my history. 

The End

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