a surprise


‘Get away from her,’ an angry voice growled from my doorway. I jumped and the vampire loosened his grip. I took the opportunity to escape. I dived off the bed and pelted for the doorway, running straight into the person who had saved me. He steadied me and positioned himself so he was facing my attacker.

I peered over his shoulders and saw the vampire’s face was shocked, but slightly annoyed.

‘You sure know how to make an entrance don’t you, Matt?’ he muttered. My protector just gave a small, humourless laugh.

‘You should know not to come here Luke. Do it again and it won’t end well. You know I’m not lying.’

Luke pursed his lips and sighed, getting off my bed. He opened the window and climbed onto the ledge. Before he went, he turned to me and smiled, ‘You got lucky this time.’ He winked and then leapt from my window into the night.

Matt turned to face me. ‘You look kind of pale, let’s sit you down.’ He grabbed my wrist and led me back to the bed, where my legs gave way and I flopped down. There were a million questions I wanted to ask this stranger who had saved my life, but my brain wouldn’t work, so I stayed silent for a few minutes.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked after a while, breaking the peace. I managed a nod and he looked at me worriedly. ‘You know, it’s okay, he won’t come back.’

‘How can you be sure of that?’ I choked out. ‘He’s already come after me twice. What’s to stop him making it a third time lucky?’

Matt’s face hardened and he spoke in a firm voice. ‘I have my ways.’

A draft blew in, making me shiver. Realising my window was still open, I leapt up in a fear, shutting it fiercely. I peered out, nothing was there. I sank back on my bed in relief.

Matt took a worried look at me and put his fingers under my chin, turning my head towards him. ‘Hey,’ he spoke softly. ‘He’s not going to come back. You don’t need to worry.’

I turned away. ‘How am I to know that? I mean, I don’t even know who you are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful for you saving my life, but who are you? How did you know where he’d be? And just how exactly did you make him go away? From what I’ve seen, he’s fast, strong and stubborn. When he wants something, he’ll get it, and yet you just tell him to go and he leaves? It doesn’t make sense.’

He hesitated, looking down. ‘I do suppose you have a right to know. Although I doubt they’ll be too happy...’ he pursed his lips in consideration. ‘Well, whatever, you need to know.’ He looked at me seriously. ‘Right, it’s all going to sound a bit far-fetched, but everything I’m about to say is true, will you believe me?’

I nodded. ‘Yeah I will.’ I didn’t care that I barely knew him; this guy had saved my life. I had to trust him now.

The End

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