unwelcome visitor


I gazed out of my window. It was a month on from the incident in the alleyway. I tried not to think about that and now, my eyes searched the darkness, seeking out any clue that he’d come back. For me.

‘Alex?’ Emily sighed. ‘Honestly, you’ve been so out of it recently, I don’t know what’s up with you.’

I turned to my friend and smiled apologetically. I felt guilty for ignoring her, but I did have slightly more important things to worry about.

I got up off the windowsill and went to sit on my bed, facing Emily. I didn’t know where to start.

‘Emily, I’m sorry I haven’t been myself recently, I just,’ I paused, searching for the right words. ‘I have a lot going on at the minute.’

I looked up to see her staring at me. Her green eyes became curious, but caring. I could see she was worried about me. ‘Alex, you do know you can tell me anything?’

I hesitated. I wanted to tell her, but how could I? She’d think I was crazy. Plus I couldn’t put her in that kind of danger.

‘I know, but there are just some things that are better left unsaid,’ I replied, quietly. She didn’t say anything for a moment.  I looked at her and saw she was frowning. But she didn’t say anymore on the subject.


I woke up to the sound of screaming. I was disorientated and looked around my room, confused. My alarm clock said it was a little after two in the morning. What on earth was going on? I got out of bed, putting on my slippers and made my way downstairs.

It was pitch black and my hand fumbled along the wall, searching for the light switch. As the room was suddenly lit up, I glanced around, baffled. Nothing was out of place. I decided to be sure and made my way through the dark kitchen into the conservatory. I don’t know what I expected; perhaps some figure in a Scream mask holding a bloody kitchen knife, but there was nobody there.

However, something did catch my eye. Something in the garden.

‘There’s no way I’m going out there,’ I muttered to myself. Instead, I crept over to the window and peered out. I nearly had a heart attack as a shadow darted across the grass. My thoughts flashed back to that terrible night I was almost killed, nearly two months ago.

Not wanting to spend any more time trying to identify whatever was in my garden, I ran as fast as I could, back through the kitchen, up the stairs and into my room, slamming my door shut behind me. I collapsed on my bed, panting heavily, and waiting for my heart to slow down.

When I had recovered, I rested my head in my hands. I started to sob silently. He had come back. What other explanation was there? He was back to kill me. To finish the job he had meant to do before. I have to tell someone. I have to. I cannot face this alone. But could I really risk the life of another? Just for myself?

I sniffed and lifted my head. My mouth opened about let out a blood-curdling scream as I found myself staring into the familiar blue eyes of my stalker.

Quicker than lightening, his hand clamped over my mouth. I froze, my heart hammering wildly. He frowned at me.

‘Not a wise move. No screaming, please.’ He slowly moved his hand away, glaring at me. My eyes flickered to the door and he saw that.

‘You know you wouldn’t make it. I could snap your neck before you’re even off the bed.’ His voice was menacing and taunting. I didn’t doubt him for a second.

‘Why are you doing this to me? Who the hell are you?!’ I cried in exasperation. He blinked and looked genuinely surprised by my little outburst. It took him a few seconds to reply.

‘Does it matter? Look, I’ll tell you how it’s supposed to work, okay?’ he looked at me seriously for a second then continued. ‘I’m evil. I’m strong. I’m fast. You’re my victim. You be scared. I kill you. The world carries on. Think you can follow that?’

‘But why me?’ I protested feebly.

He shrugged nonchalantly. ‘Why not? Now believe it or not I don’t have all day, and I am rather hungry, so I’m going to get on with it now.’

My stomach dropped and I felt my face go white as I realised what he said. My reaction seemed to please him and he gave a sinister smile. As he did this, I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. My curtains were open a fraction, letting a slit of moonlight in, which reflected off his sharp fangs, glistening before me.

I had never really believed in vampires. I had read about them and seen them in films, but didn’t think they were real. I have to admit, I did sometimes wish they were, I wished for a little more excitement, but now I knew how stupid I was. Vampires weren’t cool. They were cold hearted killers out for blood. They were the predators and we were their prey.

He grabbed hold of my shoulders, his strength impossible to rebel against, so all I could do was say my mental goodbyes as he lowered his head, once again, to kill me.

The End

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