a Story Untold

A man has been lying to his girlfriend for years. She doesn't know the true reason to his pale skin, icy touch, black and blue eyes, and his powers. He still where's braces, and his voice is going crazy. He's a vampire, and he's not what most think...


     The night was dark, cold, dreary, and very damp. He walked through the streets as the rain began to drizzle down. His long black cloak swished in the darkness. The mans face was obscured by the hood of his cloak. The only thing you could see was his mouth, and his long, perfectly white canine teeth. They protruded from his lips as if they didn't fit his mouth. A silver bracket shined in the streetlight he passed. He pulled his cloak closer as the dead-cold wind roughly blew in his direction. He didn't like the cold, no vampire did. It seems ironic, because they have such cold skin. But, when they become used to central heating in the home, it tends to make sense.

He was going to see his fiance, Grace (who was clumsy, ironically). He missed her so. She was such a beautiful human, her eyes lighting up at his laugh, the way she giggled. He had a hard time concentrating on his job. He'd taken to daydreaming about her. He wasnted to surprise her with a little box of chocolate and some roses, which were deeply hidden in his warm, thick cloak.

John was a man of many mysteries, as Grace knew, but she didn't know once secret.

His vampiric state was kept from her until that very day...

The End

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