True End

(Ren's POV)

"I think you why I'm here, so let me get straight to the point."

"Just the way I like it. Talk."

"Alright, you're the true self."

"I already knew that, you're just a-"

"But so am I."

"Only one of us can be real! After all, we're completely different!"

"But that doesn't mean that we can't be the same person."

"I still don't think you're right. I'm the true self!"

"Then, would you care to tell me why I exist?"

"Of course, I will. You're just an obstacle that I had to overcome to mske me stronger."

"You're wrong. You only want be strong because you want to kill humanity. According to Ariel, you can become Creator. In other words, you can create and destroy worlds until you die."


"There is no need to become stronger to meet your goals if you already met them!"


"Besides, do you remember the day when Evan talked about the heroes, Luminous specifically."

"Each day felt the same with Evan. So, no."

"He told me that Luminous was similar to me. He had split personalities as well."


"He told me that Luminous had an epiphany. That light and darkness are one."

"I-is that it?"

"Yeah, it's short, but meaningful. Without light, "true" darkness can't exist. Without darkness, "true" light can't exist. You and I were created so that the "real" successor can exist."

"Is that so? Then I wouldn't mind as long I can experiennce "true" happiness."

I smiled at him as the two rooms joined together inyo one big room. With this, I will go back there, where my friends are at.

(Rena's POV)

After several years, terror has continued, but the Maple World has not lose hope. In fact, peace is near. Cygnus Knights, Dual Blades, Resistance, and the Heroes are working together to defeat the Black Mage once and for all. Of course, Ren, Ryden, Evan, Mir are included. Due our actions, more Explorers are joining us in the fight and it won't be long until it's over. I hope that I'll go on an adventure with Ren again. Only this time, I'm keeping my eye on him.


The End

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