Bad End

(Ren's POV)

"You're me, aren't you?"

"That's a dumb question, of course I am."

What stood in front of me was certainly myself, but an evil aura was surrounding him. If Rena was here, she would get the jitters and chop him up.

"I'm going to make this clear to you, get out."

"Not until I stop you."

"Ha! And how are you going to do that?"

"I'm going to convince you to understand me."

"Understand you? You're wrong. It's you who doesn't understand me!"


"During my entire life, the world was against me. War, betrayel, death, suffering, despair. The list goes on, but you couldn't that dumb to miss the point."


"Oh yeah, you should know that I'm the one who came first, so I am the true self!"

"You're wrong...."

"Why is that?"

"Because even though there is a lot of bad things, there are a lot of good things as well."

"Don't give me that overused speech! Whatever, you're just being a bother. Just die."

Before I knew it, I was pierced with black spears. I was disappearing from my body permanently. But before that, I heard Battler say one last thing.

"If you were stronger then the world wouldn't have to end."


The End

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