Chapter 6

(Ren's POV)

"We're finally here aren't we?"

We finally arrived at the Temple of Time, where the Time Goddess lives. It is said that the past, present, and future exists here, but it doesn't feel that much different other that the mystical feeling the place gave off. Evan, Mir, and I were slaying monsters with magic until I heard a familiar voice....


"Huh? Rena?!"

Rena tackled me like a five-year-old reunited with her mother. Ryden followed behind her and sighed.

"Geez, and I thought you matured."

"Shush, Ryden! Can't you read the atmosphere!? This is clearly a touching reunion that you see in novels!"

I don't think that is right, Rena.... 

"Anyways, where were you Ren? When you suddenly disappeared at Edelstein, I was searching high and low for you!"

"Ah, sorry Rena. I just didn't want to sit there, that's all."

"You shouldn't have done that! At least write a letter!"

"Sorry for worrying you...."

"Since you're okay, I'll forgive you. Who's your friend?"

"Oh, this is Evan the Dragon Master. The dragon is named Mir."

Rena and Ryden were shocked that I became friends with one of the heroes. Thankfully, they didn't make huge fuss about it later. Together, we went further in the temple. Monsters became more dangerous as we continued. Despite the chaos, the temple kept the same peaceful and mysterious atmosphere. But then, that changed. 

A beautiful woman appeared in a white gown. I can sense power beyond belief to most people, but to me, it felt familiar.

"Hello, mortals, and you to Battler.

"Battler? Who's Battler?"

"You, of course."

(Rena's POV)

Wait, what?

Battler? Could that be Ren's real name? I guess Ren already had a boy's name when she's a girl, but how does this woman know? Monsters stood still as if timed had stopped. This couldn't be the Goddess of Time, Rhienne, herself! Wasn't she captured by the Black Wings?

"My name is Ariel, the Creator."


This couldn't be.... The creator of the Maple World? That's even more unexpected! Why is she here? How does Ren have to do with anything with this? Is she even the real one? I had alot of questions for her, but doesn't seem that she's the kind of person that would answer my questions right away, sorta like Ryden except worse.

"I'm here to give back your memories, Battler."

"Why now of all times?"

"I wanted you to see what it is like to make comrades and to experience happiness before I release your painful memories."

"Painful? What do y-"

Before Ren finished her question, Ariel put her hand in front of her, and shot a bolt at her. Unlike normal magic, it didn't cause any physical damage. Instead, Ren fell to her knees, clutching her head.

"Hey, Ren! What did you do to her?!"

"I merely returned her memories. It's lot to process, but Battler's life is in no danger."

"Hey, stop calling Ren that! It's even more boyish than the name I gave her!"

"Girl? Isn't Battler a boy?"


Now that I think about it, Ren has been growing much faster than the average girl. After the past two and a half years, he's already the same height as me! I guess his long hair and delicate appearance fooled me.

"You lived with him for 2 years, and didn't notice his gender? You're more thick-headed than I thought you were."

"Hey! It's not like you noticed either!"

"The only time I saw Ren, other than now, was when he was laying on a cold hospital bed!"

"Hey, you guys! Calm down! Ren is suffering and all you can do now is argue?"

"Hey Master, remember when that nice guy told us that arguing solves everything?"

"I've got three reasons why that doesn't makes sense. One, arguing tends to cause war. Two, you got that information from a hobo. Three, just because the hobo gave you bacon, it doesn't mean that you believe in him!"

Our arguing stopped when Ren sent an exploding meteor flying rigght at us. Evan made barrier around us, but it barely blocked it.

"Hey Ren! What are you doing?"

Ren didn't respond. He kept attacking us with destructive magic. Was this really Ren? No, he isn't Ren. That person is Battler. Ariel mentioned that his memories were "painful". I assumed that is why he's acting crazy. Speaking of Ariel, were is she? She disappeared with out us noticing. Whatever, right now we need to stop Battler! With Ryden, Evan, and Mir by my side, I can't lose!

The End

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