Chapter 5 (Ren)

"Is there something you want? You should still be resting."

"I want to know how you appeared in Ellinia."

"Oh that? We were invading Verne Mines to take it back from the Black Wings. However, they used some weird machine to transport me there. I guess they did it to take out the leader of the bunch."

"Why couldn't they just capture you?"

"Well, during that situation I was grouped with other members, so capturing wouldn't be easy. Our members are not weak after all."

"Is that so...."

"Well, I think you should be thinking what you're going after your recovery."

"Is there any place that you recommend?"

"I heard that a magician hero is hanging around in Leafre to study dragons. He is a very talented magician despite his age. I believe his name is Evan if I am not mistaken."

"Why there?"

"Well, I can already tell that you don't need Grendel's teachings. So, I figured that you should train with someone that is around your level. Evan may be a hero, but he is a new one. He wasn't like the others who fought the Black Mage. He happened to find a dragon egg and formed a pact with it. It's kind of sad how a small boy got a large responsibility so suddenly, but handled it quite well. You kind of remind me of him."

"I'll be going then."

"Wait! You still have to rest!"

"It's okay, I'll be fine."

Claudine sighed as I walked out the door. I just hope that Rena doesn't follow me in the process.

"Hey kid, wake up!"

I suddenly woke up when the pilot yelled at me. It seems that I already reached my destination, Leafre. Unlike Edelstein, the town was filled with nature and magic. I can't even spot a single speck of machinery here. I sensed a large magical aura around the library, two actually. I assume that the sources are the dragon and his master. I walked towards the building and searched for them.

The library was large enough to fit an army of dragons and the bookshelves practically reached the ceiling. I can't pinpoint where they source is it's too large, so finding them proved to be difficult. Then, I remembered that Claudine told me that the hero is here to study dragons. I went to the "D" section to find Evan. Strangely, I didn't find him, but I do sense a magical barrier. I guess that the dragon very large and it would attract to much attention, but i still need to meet him. So, I ripped apart the barrier.

"Hey! What are you doing?!"

"Master! She just ripped your barrier like a plastic wrapper!"

I saw a brunette no older than me and a really loud dragon. It's not what I had expected, but he seems to be the one I've been looking for.

"Do you happen to be Dragon Master Evan?"

"Yes, I am. Who are you though and why are you here?"

"My name is Ren. I came here because Claudine suggested me to train with you."

"Claudine? You mean the Resistance leader?"

I nodded.

"Master, are you sure you should trust this person? The aura that I sense from her is similar to Luminous...."

"Luminous? You mean half-dark and half-light, Mir?"

"Yeah, but I'm not sure what kind of magic she uses."

"Well, if she is like Luminous then it is possible for to be either a great ally or a great enemy. I guess training with her would help me understand her more, so that she doesn't end up being part of the Black Wings."

Evan agreed to to train with me and decided for me to show my skills at the forest. I ended up blowing up the place and got Evan and Mir really angry. Thankfully, I still remembered the spell that restored Edelstein, which suprised them both. My magic is powerful, but hard to control. For the next six months, I begin to open up to Evan. I told him about my amnesia, Rena, my promise, and everything that lead me here. In return, he told me about his adventures with Mir and his encounter with the other heroes. After those six months though, we went to the Temple of Time to find something we would never expect.

The End

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