Chapter 4

(Ren's POV)

It was absolutely horrible.

The buildings were burning down, monsters were smashing down everything in sight, people were either crying or laying dead on the floor. The place looked like the very image of an apocalyse. So, why do I get the feeling of satisfaction? They were suffering even though it wasn't their fault and someting like this happened to Rena, I would no different from them. Wait a minute, only to Rena? So, if this happened on Maple Island, would I cry because Rena lost her friends and family, or because they were unjustly killed? Why am I even thinking about this?! Of course I would mourn for the people, including Rena herself. I'm not a sadistic person at all! Or am I?

 My inner turmoil countinued until I heard Claudine's quiet sobbing. Of course she would be sad. As the leader of the Resistance, she tried her hardest to protect the she loved. Looking this scenery must of made her fall into despair. I really am selfish. I didn't listen to her painful  cries and only focused on myself. I don't accept this. How can I reach the summit if I am not proud of myself! I have to- no, I will save this town! No matter what the cost, I will put the end of these cries! 

"If this town's revival is what you wish...then I will grant it."

A female voice spoke in my head, and suddenly, I remembered. 

"Hey listen, this spell will only work once in your current state. After that, you can't use it again until you succeed me. So, use it wisely."

I drew an elaborate magic circle and chanted an ancient spell. The circle glowed brightly until it enveloped the entire town. Everything went blank white as I slowly fell unconscious....

"Hey, sleepyhead! Wake up!"

That that Rena?

"Hey, shouldn't just let her rest?"

"Are you kidding me!? If I don't do this, Ren will pretty much never wake up again!"

"Is it really that bad?"

"Of course it is! I've been living with her for 2 years!"

I opened my eyes and I saw two figures. One them was certainly Rena, but I couldn't identify the other. I tried to get up from bed, but a sharp pain prevents me from doing so.

"Hey Ren, you shouldn't move too much."

"Didn't you tell him to wake up?"

"Waking up and laying in bed are two completely different things!"

"Whatever, um...your name is Ren, right? Do remember anything that happened?"

"Well, I remember casting a spell, but nothing else afterwards."

"Okay. According to that girl, Claudine, the spell somehow restored Edelstein to its original state, including the people. However, this caused you to fall unconscious, so carried you here all the way to Resistance HQ."

"So that's what happened...thanks for telling me. By the way, who are you?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot. My name is Ryden, a member of the Dual Blades. Rena here joined us a while ago and we came here see what was going on here. But, it looks like the problem fixed itself anyways."

After that statement, Ryden waved goodbye. He's mysterious, but I don't sense any bad intentions from him. I guess it would be okay to trust him. Rena said she was going to check around Edelstein since it is the first time she came here. So for the rest of the day, I rested until my recovery.

(Rena's POV)

Today was a weird day.

Not only did Edelstein recover from a fire that should of destroyed the place, but I was told that Ren was responsible for the recovery. I knew for sure that she had some prior knowledge in magic, but for her to know how to revive people without making them into zombies is beyond imaginable. What's even stranger is that none of the citizens notice the dramatic change. I don't think Claudine or Ren is lying, but it is also possible that what they saw was just an illusion created the Black Wings. I don't know the truth, but since the problem has already been solved, I guess it's fine now. After all, Claudine made a lot preparations so that it doesn't happen again. I think I've been walking around for a while now, so I guess I'll just head back to check up on Ren.

"What do you mean she's gone?!"

"It seems like she left when we weren't looking. I remember her mentioning going to El Nath, though."

"El Nath? Why would she go there? Whatever, I'm going to get Ryden."

I rushed out of the secret entrance and I met Ryden, who is eating snacks like a glutton.

"Ryden! We're going to El Nath!"

"Eh? Why?"

"I'll explain on the ship! Let's go!"

"Fine! Just stop dragging me like a rag doll!

(Claudine's POV)

"Hey is it really okay to lie to her, Brighton? She was just worried for her friend."

"It's okay, Ren didn't want her to follow her. Besides, we should be preparing for our next attack."

"Okay, I understand. Ren and Rena are both strong people. I'm sure they would be fine."

I'm the one who suggested that Ren would go to Leafre anyways. A strong magician doesn't need Grendel's training back Ellinia. The training she needed was from a more "powerful" and "experienced" magician. Namely from Dragon Master Evan.

The End

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