Chapter 3

(Ren's POV)

After a short walk, I finally arrived at Ellinia. Enormous trees rose out of the ground with little houses built on top of the branches. I saw strange creatures that looked like tiny humans with wings attached to them. All of them seem to avoid any humans on sight for some reason, so I ignored them. It is best to not disturb them anyways. 

On my way to the Magic Library, a place where explorers go to become magicians, I met a girl laying in the grass. I woke her up and all of the sudden she said,

"Where am I?"

"You are at Ellinia, Victoria Island."

"Ellinia? Then I must of flew pretty far."

She softly chuckled to herself and said,

"Anyways, I need to get back to Edelstein, but I am not familiar with the area around here. Can you take me to the port that goes there?"

"Okay," I replied. I am certainly not in a rush to become an official magician, so I have no problems bringing her there.

As we walked to towards the port, I asked her a few questions.

"May I ask you your identity?"

"My name is Claudine, the leader of the Resistance."

"Resistance? Who are they?"

"You don't know? They're a militia that is fighting to free Edelstein from the evil Black Wings. For someone who been here for a while, you don't know much about current events, do you?"

"What makes you think that I am an inhabitant here?"

"Well, you are walking around without a map. So, you must of been here long enough to memorize the paths in Victoria Island."

"Unfortunately, you are incorrect. I only came here recently and the only reason I know about the area well is because I read a book on the geography and where monsters inhabit back at Maple Island."

"Maple Island? Then you aren't even an official Explorer...."

"That much is true, but I do know a couple spells to protect myself."

"How did you know how to perform spells if you haven't even studied in Ellinia? I know for sure that Maple Island doesn't have any books on magic."

"...I don't know."

Claudine clearly had a confused looked on her face, but I guess she didn't want to be nosy, so she just sighed. When we arrived at the port, Claudine's phone rang. Once she answered it, she was surprised. After a quick conversation, she went into panic mode.

"Come with me! There is no time to lose!"


She didn't answer me and grabbed my wrist. I was literally dragged towards the flying ship to Edelstein and waited until I saw that.

(Rena's POV)

"Welcome to the Secret Garden."

Or so Ryden says. The place didn't look like a garden at all. It was large, foriegn tower standing there a the middle of the back alley. Nothing more, nothing less. Regardless, I walked inside through the pointlessly huge entrance. Ryden introduced me to the other members of the Dual Blades. There was Shiba, the instructor, Suri, the talking owl, and Lady Syl, our leader. 

"There are many other members, but I can't memorize all of their names, so you have to meet them yourself."

"Now that the introduction is over, what do I do now?"

"Right now we need to measure your ability."

"Do all rookies go through this test?"

"No. The only reason you doing this test is because when you tried to kill me back there, you strength was more than a noob. In fact, a regular begginer wouldn't even spot me."

"You have a lot of pride in your ability."

"Of course I do. I am one of the commanders under Lady Syl. Anyways, the test won't be easy, so you better prepare yourself."

"Please tell me I don't go through written tests in the process."

"Yes, you do."

At that moment, I moaned like a dying seal.

"I'm just kidding. All you have to do is to go to that room and defeat as many monsters as you can. Simple enough, right?"

"Sounds like piece of cake!"

"Be careful, even blade masters have a hard time there. Oh yeah, and take this. It's a katara, a weapon Dual Blades use along with daggers."

I grabbed the weapon that Ryden threw at my face, and walked into the room. The room looked exactly the same as the others, except this one has massive yetis in it. My blood starts boiling, I can't help it. I can finally let out my contained rage towards Ryden to these guys. My hands tightened as I ran towards the yetis. My blades came in contact with their skin, and they fell down like a broken doll. Before I saw Ryden come into the room, every single one was slain. Of course, I am still inexpeienced with wielding two blades at once, so couldn't escape without a few bruises. However, I still felt glad. The training that I have done for 7 whole years at Maple Island has paid off. If I hadn't done so, I would of certainly been pummeled by those yetis.

"You know, that would of been kind of cruel if those were real yetis."

"Wait, those weren't real?"

"Of course not. For starters, our purpose is to defeat the evil known as the Black Mage, not to support animal cruelty. Plus, how in the name of Pink Bean would we be able to get so many yetis in one room without this place being smashed apart? They live all the way in El Nath!"

"That is true, but then what were those things that I killed then?"

"Those were machines created by other members that were designed to look like yetis. You seriously didn't notice the gears that flew out when you slashed them open?!"

I looked at the mess I made and said, "Oh yeah, gears are littered all over the place."

"Looks like you are all brawn, no brains."

I scowled at him and he just smiled like an idiot. Out of the blue, Ryden recieved a text from someone.

"Come on, let's go."

"Wait, what's happening?"

"Lady Syl texted me that one our scouts stationed at Nautilus found a message in bottle. Apparantly, it said Edelstein has been suddenly overruned by powerful monsters and Lady Syl told us to go check it out."

"Why us?"

"I don't know and that isn't important. Edelstein is home to the Resistance, a powerful group made up of citizens that are fighting to liberate their town. Without them, many innocents would be hurt, or even worse, turned into slaves."

I understood what he said and we ran as fast as we could to the port only to see the biggest slap-in-the-face that I have ever experienced in my life.

The End

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